What are the odds?

Ever noticed how you step out of your house in a crisp navy blue shirt with yellow stripes and some brown polka dots and somehow somebody out there is wearing the same unbelievably rare shirt? Ever found yourself in a bus with a red shirt on with black and white inner lining on the collar, and the guy next to you has the same damn shirt on? You have a beautiful multi-coloured necktie sent to you by your aunt who bought it from an antique store in remote part of Norway. You wear this to a friend’s wedding and bam! There’s a fellow across the hall with the same exact tie.
The above are extreme cases of coincidence but how does that happen?? What are the odds of bumping into someone wearing your exact clothing? Exact colour? Exact design? Apparently not as minute as you thought when putting them on.
Your twin could be fat or slim, tall or short but best believe that awkward moment will linger in the minds of you both.
You’re at some public space, bus stop, mall or church, and suddenly you realize you’ve joined a the-same the-same cloth group. You want to just reverse and head back out but too late, some of the fellows who’re dressed like you are staring at you. All that’s missing is a secret handshake from all of you.
How do these matching outfit incidents happen? Y’all need to watch out this Christmas. Cos really, what are the odds? I’m sorted right opposite a fellow wearing my exact same white shirt with brown buttons. I bought this shirt at an exclusive store. Damn!

Merry Christmas 🙂

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