Dayo started out blogging when he discovered he had too many things to blab about. Naa, that’s not it. Dayo decided to try out blogging when he observed that he had a view, often contrary, for almost every situation or happening. That’s more like it!
There are times he thinks he’s from another galaxy, other times he feels like he’s in the wrong era. But he’s the coolest guy you’d ever meet. By cool, i mean calm, not cool like Pierce Brosnan. He derives joy in exposing facts and enlightening people, the few people who care to be enlightened. He delves into any topic whatsoever to satisfy this urge. Its all as the spirit leads. Not sure what kinda spirit though. He also derives joy in pissing people off just to see how much emotion threshold they’ve got. But that’s another issue entirely. He likes being under-estimated but dislikes being taken for granted. Sure you can figure that out.
He would’ve loved to talk about his personal life but he won’t, because one day he’ll post something that’ll make some nutjob (or two) come on here and gather information. Get my drift?

He believes if there were a billion people like him, the world would be a much better, though wierder, place.

Oh yea, and if you believe in your own opinions alone and refuse to give room for doubt, if logic or truth irks you, then you don’t need to be here.

Oh and by now you would have noticed you need a sense of humor to enjoy this. No straight faces, please.

This is already about the longest About you ever read.

18 thoughts on “About

  1. This blog seems like my type of blog. Good you stopped by my crazy un paid blog.

    You like pissing people off?……….Me too!
    You like to blable)……..Hey, me too!
    Enlight people?………Yep, me to. Although Iยดll make sense out of the most absurd things that crosses my mind. Try to change the world to fit my views, have won over half the world population, so still long way to go.


  2. Hi there,
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    Iโ€™ve nominated you for the โ€˜3 Days, 3 Quotes Challenge.โ€™ ๏Š
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    Happy Blogging ๏Š
    PS: you have a beautiful theme…. loved it. its different

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