Bloody Mosquito!

So I was down with malaria again, second time in about 4 weeks. No, its not Ebola. Apparently i stopped following my prescription when i felt relieved of the illness.
I’d love you guys to meet Wiz Bug. She’s not a relation of Wiz somebody i know – yes they’re both slim, both are known for producing repetitive sound, but no relations whatsoever. The name only stuck when i first heard her fly by and what i heard sounded alot like ‘itzz your bug wizzzy‘, but i don’t know, i probably heard wrong.
Say hi to Wiz Bug!

Yea, she’s the one responsible for my pains and days of fever and dizziness. You wonder how i’m so sure? Well, i recognize her. You see, amongst the other mosquitoes in this apartment Wiz here possesses a large, shiny abdomen, much larger than the others. She’s probably the alpha female and gets to stab and suck me dry. And from the looks of her i see how nourishing i am. Wish i could suck me too. Wait, that came out wrong, both ways! Anyway there i was trying to have a reasonable conversation with Wiz as she kept whizzing past back and forth from up and down and side to side. After making me do a few minutes of kungfu with the surrounding air mass she decided to rest on the curtain nearby. This is the alpha-female curtain for no other mosquitoes land there when she’s doing her rounds.
So there she was on the curtain trying to catch her breath as she was obviously too full for all those maneuverings and at the same time giving me the go ahead to what i was trying to say. So as i apologized to her and pleaded her audience i got my phone and convinced her i wanted photos of her cos she reminded me of a certain artist, Wiz something. All i truly wanted were before & after photos. Anyway, she stroke a couple of poses and was even carried away with the spotlight when i thought hey, now is your chance. So, wham! End of carrier. After i gave her a high five – with both hands.
Say bye to Wiz Bug.

That bloody mosquito.

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