Life in my country

From my humble beginnings.

 “I was a consultant on livestock. I major in Cow operations, Feedlots, Backgrounding, plus i am a cattle whisperer.”

Content with the little i had. I tended to my cattle, prayed to my God. All was fine by me.

But my goverment never cared. They plundered my nation’s resources. I could cope no longer with the strife, the insult.  So i moved to the big city in search of  a better life.

But life wasn’t better. Still i was content.  

But my goverment never cared. They built private houses with public money. Money that is partly mine.

Business was slow. Of course it was, they were millions like me trying to do good. Trying to make ends meet. Trying to ignore the insult.
So I switched jobs. And i got caught.

How come i got caught. Not one government person has been caught. Not fair. 

“I am a professional mass transit facilitator.”

That’s what i call myself. “I am not a conductor, what am i conducting?” But the people insist. And they add that i am nothing. They insult me. 

But when I was hungry and tempted and acted. I got caught. And they threatened to set me alight.

“Set them alight” i said.  But none understood me. Poor illiterate me.

“I am a successful Refuse disposal operator. Success is relative. I am my own boss too.”

Life has not been fair. But has it ever been? I understand that perfectly. What i don’t understand is my government. Thieves. How do they do it without being caught?

i figure it out and switch jobs.

I strategize. 

I take their money, they love me for it. Anybody insults me, my people insult them on my behalf. Just like my government.

Life’s not fair. But when has it ever been?

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