The Hollow Earth Theory

As kids there were times when our childish brains were stuffed with talk of a world underneath our own. Then people said that if you dug a well deep enough you could fall into another world right under our feet. There were stories of people who heard stories of people who heard that someone once, while in a cave or well, heard sounds of people going about their business far under. So yea, the Hollow Earth Theory has been around for a long time. While the first concepts were rather crude, this completely crazy idea has gradually developed into a viable alternative to the solid Earth model. In light from today’s technology, many findings point towards a hollow structure as the only method to explain many of today’s scientific discoveries.
There are actually four main hollow Earth models.
1, The Concentric Spheres Hollow Earth Model
2. The Polar Holes Hollow Earth Model
3. The Inverted Earth Hollow Earth Model
4,The Complete Shell Hollow Earth Model

Ok, it’s beginning to look like I believe in this garbage, right? But let’s move on.

The most famous hollow Earth model is the Polar Holes Hollow Earth Theory. This theory says huge polar holes between 2000 and 4000 kilometers across open to the interior of the planet. Nothing has ever been found. Satellite technology has so far proven that such holes are non existent.
In this theory, though, the centre of the planet harbours a central sun that provides light and heat to the world within. Yea, you were probably gonna ask about a light source. (Modern science has already determined that the Earth’s core could be just as hot as the Sun’s surface).


Then there’s the Complete-Shell Hollow Earth Theory. Based on a combination of the hollow Earth and expanding
Earth theories, it provides an alternate explanation for the drifting continents phenomenon thus making the tired Plate Tectonics theory obsolete.
Based on our current understanding of gravity The Land of No Horizon shows how the accumulation of matter during the planet forming process naturally produces a planet structured differently to what is currently theorized. It is also shown how a planet hollows out and expands under its own gravitational power. The hollow planet structure can explain many mysteries that have plagued us for centuries such as:
-unusual Impact crater characteristics on terrestrial planets
-the mysterious Red Spot on Jupiter
– seismic wave data from earthquakes here on Earth.


It’s really looking like b?¿*¡:¡t now isn’t it? You will be surprised how many people in the science world take this to be viable although the scientific community as a body has long dismissed the notion, since the later part of the 18th century actually. But then a number of physicists, astronomers, mathematicians and even high ranking military personnel seem to accept the theory as fact. These people share their stories through experience, research and maybe sheer conspiracy buff-iness. There is a huge cache of mind blowing information that suggests the Earth could actually be hollow.
One Admiral Richard Byrd, the very first man to fly over the South Pole, even claimed to have been in and out of this underground world. He was a very high ranking (one of the highest) officer in the United States Navy.

According to the ancient astronaut writer Peter Kolosimo a robot was seen entering a subterranean below a monastery in Mongolia. Kolosimo also claimed a light was seen from underground in Azerbaijan. I too have seen a cigarette-shaped capsule enter into the earth from the sky, not in Azerbaijan, on YouTube.

The concept of a hollow Earth recurs many times in folklore like I stated earlier and as the premise for subterranean fiction, a
subgenre of adventure fiction. Movies like Journey to the Center of the Earth, Chronicles of the Hollow Earth, Journey to the Hollow Earth, etc. You might want to read The Phantom of the Poles by William Reed.

Oh yeah, ever heard of Agartha? A legendary city said to be located in the Earth’s core. This supposedly fictional place is referred to in many films, video games, literature and even music.

Yes, it’s all just a nonsensical theory. But now I wonder why planes aren’t allowed to fly directly over the north pole.
By the way, spiritualist writer Walburga, Lady Paget in her book Colloquies with an unseen friend mentioned the hollow earth theory. She claimed that cities exist beneath a desert, which is where the people of Atlantis moved. She said an entrance to the subterranean kingdom will be discovered in the 21st century. I patiently wait.

Asides the North and South poles, entrances in locations which have been cited include: Paris, England, Montreal, Hangchow in China, and the Amazon Rainforest. There is also a tale about a tunnel in the San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation, Arizona, near Cedar Creek which is said to lead inside the earth to a land inhabited by a mysterious tribe. It is also the belief of the tribes of Iroquois that their ancient ancestors emerged from a w world inside the earth. The elders of the Hopi people believe that a Sipapu entrance in the Grand Canyon exists which leads to the underworld.
Sadly enough, there’s none in Africa, fack!

Edmund Halley, an English astronomer and mathematician who was the first to calculate the orbit of a comet that was later named after him, proposed that the Earth was hollow and well capable of supporting life.

I’m probably beginning to believe it. You know, we often fail to recognize that what we so often regard as truth is based on theory and assumption. We take these theories and put them in the category of fact until another theory comes along to replace
it. Pluto not being a planet, for instance.

A forest full of bodies for Science

If you were to go into the east Tennessee woods you’d find scattered all over the place dozens of corpses in various states of burial and decay. Never fear, you’ve arrived at The Body Farm. It’s nowhere near sinister. A certain Dr. Bill Bass, founded the Forensic Anthropology Center in Knoxville’s University of Tennessee in 1971.
The Body Farm is Bass’s open air lab, spread across an
hectare of secluded woods. The bodies are usually donated and sometimes folks are just plucked off the streets and killed.


Anyway, these bodies are laid out under varying conditions all through the year to help students and researchers study exactly how bodies decompose in almost any situation.
That there is weird. I wonder why they need to do all that. Well, if you ever get to enter this place do try to remember that you’re not in some horror movie, it’s all for science. Then you can tell me all about it.
This world we live in. Just when you think you’ve seen it all…

Ethiopians must be stuck

How do Ethiopians reconcile the theory of Evolution with that of Creation? That country seems to be stuck between the two beliefs. The fossils from Ethiopia vary in age from about 5.2 million to 5.8 million years old, the oldest so far. The discovery which occurred in the Middle Awash River Valley of Ethiopia in 1974 was by a team of scientists led by an anthropologist at the University of California-Berkeley. They discovered the fossilized remains of what they also believe is humanity’s earliest known ancestor, a creature that walked the wooded highlands of East Africa nearly 6 million years ago.
The skeleton shows evidence of small skull capacity akin to that of apes and of bipedal upright walk akin to that of humans, supporting the debated view that Evolution and not Creation brought us here.

But then again, the Ark of the Covenant has been rumoured to be situated in Ethiopia as well. The Kebra Nagast, composed to legitimise the new dynasty ruling Ethiopia after its establishment in 1270, narrates how the real Ark of the Covenant was brought to Ethiopia by Menelik I with divine assistance, while a forgery was left in the Temple in Jerusalem. Although the Kebra Nagast is the best-known account of this belief, the belief predates the document. Abu al-Makarim, writing in the last quarter of the twelfth century, makes one early reference to this belief that they possessed the Ark. “The Abyssinians possess also the Ark of the Covenant“, he wrote. [wiki].

The classic account of the Ark in Ethiopia is found in a medieval epic written in Geez, The Glory of Kings. It describes how the Queen of Sheba had heard that King Solomon possessed great *clears thoat* wisdom, and traveled to Jerusalem so that she could learn to govern her own people more wisely. When she arrived, Solomon was impressed by her *clears throat* intelligence. And beauty too I’m sure. He began to hope that he might have a child by her, of course, although the epic is anxious to tell if the king was not driven by lust, but by a plan to fill the earth with sons who would serve the God of Israel.
Although, knowing King Solomon for who he was… Anyway, the queen did conceive a son, and after he had grown he set out from Ethiopia to visit his father. Solomon anointed him as king of Ethiopia, and then instructed the elders of Israel to send their own sons to Africa to serve him as counselors. Because the young Israelites were desperately unhappy that they would never see Jerusalem and its Temple again, they decided to carry the Ark with them. []

Ethiopia has the oldest records of the existence of man which supports Evolution. The same Ethiopia has the Ark of the Covenant. I just wonder how the Christians there cope with the confusion as to what the Bible teaches when they are themselves at close proximity with these bones from millions of years ago that in no way look like those of Adam and Eve.

The Earth’s shadow

So I was sitting outside at 9:20 pm one night. Just sitting there enjoying the cool breeze and at the same time enduring the vast number of mosquitoes that came to confirm if a human in his right mind was indeed sitting outdoors at that time.

As I slapped myself from face to feet I started unconsciously, as always, looking up at the sky. The crescent moon was shining down beautifully. And as I glared at it and at the shadow cast on it I came to a conclusion that isn’t altogether reasonable.

If the earth is as big as we think it is compared to the moon, and if it is that far away from it…

Both heavenly bodies can be represented by a tennis ball and a football (soccer ball). Position these balls accordingly then shine a spotlight about  the size of a headlight making the football’s shadow fall on the tennis ball at an angle. I bet you wouldn’t get a crescent-shaped shadow. Not that perfectly. Take into account Umbra and Penumbra too (The shades at the edge of the shadow).

Then, naturally, I think, the shadow of the earth cast on the moon should not be so curved as to give a crescent moon. The distance and intensity of the light source matters as well. The shadow should be much straighter because the farther an object is, the bigger its shadow should appear to be — making a curve less visible — and the bigger an object the lesser the shadow will be discernable unless viewed from af… oh, I think I just solved my own confusion.


Yup, I’m confused. I did say that it isn’t altogether reasonable.

Of Waves and Wind

Back in Secondary school i believed the theory that winds causes waves for about 7 minutes.
The thought that hit me was sorta like “waves are heavy, often briefly defy gravity, and don’t leave vacuum underneath them. So how come? Winds are not (or shouldn’t be) strong enough to carry a much denser mass as all those gallons of water.
Anyway, I unconsciously accepted the theory and moved on with life. Until two weeks ago. I and a friend went for some time on the rocks with some sand and sea. And while we were both carried away by the crashing of the waves on the rocks beneath us, he blurted out the question “what causes waves?”. I was going to respond when he again blurted “definitely not wind! Can’t be wind!” And then he said something that struck me,”if the waves were that powerful then they should be able to lift us beach-goers every now and then”. With that I concur. “the sea has a mind of its own, just like everything in this world.” He ended.
So obviously he doesn’t accept the ‘Waves located on the ocean’s surface are commonly caused by wind transferring its energy to the water’ talk which does make alot of sense but not enough when you give it alot of thought.

Yea, waves of water do not move horizontally, rather up and down. So this up and down movement, how exactly does something from above make a mass move like that? Its almost like the force has to come from below instead, doesn’t it? Or am I the only one with this silly thought?
When next you go on a beach, see if you see what I see. Now i’m not sure about the sea having a mind of its own, but, well… Waves, they shouldn’t be able to do all that.

And on to Hollowman

RIKEN Quantitative Biology Center at Osaka University have moved a step closer towards making Hollowman a reality, thanks to a new technique that renders the rodents so transparent they’re nearly invisible. At first, the researchers were able to make translucent mice organs. See the image showing the kidney, liver and pancreas on the path toward near-invisibility:

“It allowed us to see cellular networks inside tissues, which is one of the fundamental challenges in biology and medicine,” Kazuki Tainaka, first author of the paper, said in a news release. He forgot to mention that it would allow them achieve Hollowman in the very near future. Its in his file somewhere.
There’s a mice nearing invisibility:

Scarily cool huh?

Hiroki Ueda, who led the research team, was quoted as saying. “It could lead to the achievement of one of our great dreams, organism-level systems biology based on whole-body imaging at single-cell resolution.” And Hollowman! they keep forgetting to add that.
Now they say the process won’t work on living creatures but of course, pretty soon it will. And then they’ll tag it “a giant step in Science” or whatever.

Source: Huff Post

Hey Hollow! What have you got to say about this?

I see, it does make you feel rather empty inside doesn’t it?

Space outside outer space?

That’s my big question that begs an answer.
Here’s what I think; there must be space in the outside parts of outer space. Yes, there must be. This must be the case if the universe is expanding rapidly.
The universe grows every year, and by an increasingly larger amount. Now, scientists have measured for the first time how fast the universe was expanding 10.8 billion years ago with unprecedented precision. The data come from that time period because scientists were looking at very distant celestial objects, whose light has been traveling for that long” CNN

A model that has been put up to explain this is The metric expansion of space. This is the increase of the distance between two distant parts of the universe with time. An intrinsic expansion whereby the scale of space itself changes. It is different from other examples of expansions and explosions in that, as far as observations can ascertain, it is a property of the entirety of the universe rather than a phenomenon that can be contained and observed from the outside.
However, the model is valid only on large scales (roughly the scale of galaxy clusters and above).”

Uhmm, ok, that says something about the possible cause and all but nothing about the how. Really, shouldn’t there be some sort of vacuum for the universe to expand into? Because otherwise it wouldn’t have the ability to expand. Expansion does require room.
I’m no scientists but I have a brain functional enough to ask: If we’ve been thought all our lives that the universe is all there is and then end up telling us this same universe is experiencing accelerated expansion then what is it expanding in such an accelerated motion into? Not like its just stretching out the boundaries further and further. That wouldn’t make it a true boundary (and that also will raise a fresh question – boundary with what?). And if there are no true boundaries then indeed there’s stuff beyond the universe.
Lets hope Rosetta sends back useful stuff. Lets hope its a sorta rubber duck play thing from the outer parts of outer space. That should answer my question.

Where are the Science Fairs?

I don’t know about you but I am tired of watching people sing. Yea, we have abundant talent in Nigeria when it comes to singing, the point has been made. The point was made years ago. It is well known that Nigeria has abundant talent; there’re people inventing stuff, building cars that run on generators, generators that run on urine,… helicopters! Where are the shows to show case these people and more?
I really would like to see a young bunch of Nigerians showing off their robots and apps. Where’s that youngman who was featured on Newsline, when Frank Oliseh was the presenter? That youngman who built a miniature remote- controlled tractor and caterpillar? He must be much older now (if he’s still alive), let him be brought forward. Let all those people from that time come on a show. Let that be put on television Where’s the young man that built a tablet some 3 years ago? He was on CNN wasn’t he? Let those people receive national awards and millions in cash prizes.
I’m tired of watching folks in the bush aka jungle doing absolutely nothing but whining about mosquitoes and if the yam is well cooked.
I’m tired of watching organized soft porn in the name of entertainment.
Its fun to watch families dance. But where are the families who collectively created something that their communities and larger societies can say ‘wow’ to? Back flips and cat wheels are not enough, let those families be brought forward.
Do not misunderstand me. I am not against fun and entertainment. In fact, I love fun and entertainment. I’m just against too much of it. It has totally inundated our screen and It makes one (in this case, a nation) lose focus. We don’t have science fairs for goodness sake. Why? We have Trade Fairs, they make Soap and Air fresheners and shoes and stuff. But very few or no inventors that the world should be seeing. Soap and Air fresheners? Its Two thousand and fourteen! The end of it actually. What are we doing in the most populous black nation this side of the galaxy?
In the 80s, shows like Square One, Bright Sparks etc. helped us build a scientific mindset from a very tender age. Now, shows like GUS, Project Fame, Big Brother etc will only serve to make my child and yours want to be like a ‘Millionaire so freaking bad’. Yeah yeah, they had shows like those back then too, but not as inundating as it is today. Now kids are making music and featuring adults. When they should be busy being kids. I don’t want my kid featuring anybody in a song. I would like to see him in a photo holding up a placard alongside another kid from another tribe or clime. You get my drift.
A serious nation would carry a group of teenage girls who successfully ran a generator on urine all around the country on tour. Let other kids from the nooks and crannies be inspired. But no, we want Wizboy to perform in awa skool. The guy who flew the helicopter should be back from a course in an aviation school in China or Russia or wherever by now. He should be given grant and let to blossom. But no, its dancers we’re looking for to sweat in music videos. Entertainment is big business, technological advancement is necessary business.
Wake up Nigeria, Science Fairs, Please!

I swear, its good!

I have a habit of swearing whenever I am excited; when i’m happy and when i’m upset. If you were to be standing next to me at any of these times, no matter the location, be it at a party, my house, or in church, all you’d hear will be swift bursts of cussin’ and sometimes, if not most, blasphemy. Yes, i do those, don’t bother preaching to me about how i will go to hell and bla bla, i already know. Haven’t you read about my deliverance that wasn’t?

I can munch on a cake and go “$#@d, this tastes so (-;•%”% good!

I could be watching a movie and something awesome happens, then i go &€]>*, that was &@f*€!

And when I’m angry? Oh my “;’f/! god. You don’t want to “$)”#@ be by me when I am %)(&-•/¿‰, it could be really ‰@#¿.

I’m not exactly sure how i picked it up, from an uncle who enjoyed cussin’ or from too many movies while growing up.
So I was indeed !’xfsk%( when I read an article on with the title Science of Swearing that said People who swear a lot are more loyal, upfront, and honest with their friends and family.

Well, c&=[=/fx that! Now I get it! I am just this really nice, honest, friendly, loyal guy who has to prove it by swearing. I get it now

Of the Poop and Look Rule

Well, for my mostly western readers, this could be abit of a disgusting read. So you’d want to read my ‘About‘ page before proceeding
And for those who are already used to me, you know this is how I roll. Or in this case, slide.

A survey gathered that a high percentage (don’t ask the percentage) of people in America flush their toilets while still sitting on it. I believe this is so simply cos the people do not want to see what they’ know.. done. They want to get up and find an empty, glittering toilet bowl if their eyes happen to wander towards the object. You know how curious our eyes get.
But really, why would anyone want to look at their own poop?
Well, in Africa, and Nigeria where I’m from, there is a practice, though may be largely unintentional, where people (not all people there), just before they flush the toilet, take a look at know.. business. Its almost reflex. You just get up, turn around, face down at what you’ve done.
Its for many different reasons people do this, I have come to realize;
there’s the checking out the color reason,
the checking out the size reason,
the “whoa, that was me!” reason,
the “what did I eat?” reason, and
the Lemme just look reason.

No matter the reason, they then think about — and talk to themselves about — what they’ve seen.
Almost everyone does it, like its some rule. Who came up with this rule? I’d say our mothers, from our grandmothers. They can determine if you’re sick, getting sick, or will be sick just by staring at your poop. They can tell you to start or stop eating a particular food. They can tell your hydration level. All by staring at your poop! And in some cases, ….anyway, lets just drop the matter.

Did you catch that? ‘drop the matter?
… #wink