How close?

How close must I be for one to understand that I need them near? I’ve just been thinking that for a while now.
I can’t help but paint this lewd description, it should help to express my thoughts (and showcase my Hermann Hesse side):

Under the orange sky, by the mango tree with purple leaves, hand in hand,

two new lovers stand, watching the sunset fall on their shoulders as they say their third and probably last goodbyes for that day. He steps forward, even closer than he had earlier mustered courage to. He waits, hoping for her to do same. To him, it was the ultimate test. If she does not love him back she’d remain aloof. If she does she’ll move in to close the gap. She did love him, but she stood there, rooted in that spot.

Now, in the above scenario, both are in each other’s warm ambience, there and then both are safe and happy. Until.

I really should write some love story.

Anyway, I was just thinking if this world has so many people trying to draw close to their supreme being especially in this time of total ethno-religous and socio-economic madness, you’d wonder why the being doesn’t draw close to them. Let’s exclude all the hoards of hypocritics, focus on the ones who’ve got the faith thing going, the ones who earnestly seek comfort from above. How is it that comfort seldom comes? How is it that the “lover of our soul” stands afar of? So I asked my Christian buddy that and he recommended I read the following verse:

James 4:8 it says “Draw close to God, and he will draw close to you.”

And I was like, how close is this close that is required? Cos the overwhelming majority seems to have it that they’re on their own. That they’ve waited for long enough. That this lover doesn’t love enough. Most times it seems that they are now thinking straight. She probably was never there to begin with.

Or was she? It’s mighty hard to tell. The silence, the inaction of someone who loves you so well.

Where’s the love?

I was on my way to work on a Saturday and feeling totally pissed off about it. Saturday used to be all about Cadbury’s breakfast television, sleep, plantain and pap, sleep, wrestling, sleep, watching somebody else do your laundry, sleep, and some more sleep. Now Saturdays are workdays – Damn!
So anyway, on my way i was forced to listen to a conversation between two elderly men that spanned three different topics. The first was interesting and confusion laced all at once. It was about, basically, God. How God destroyed Hitler cos,  as they put it, he was trying to be like God. They mentioned a couple of other names from the Bible, names of characters who suffered the same fate as Hitler. In essence, what they were talking about was how God, being a jealous God, will not tolerate the existence of any being, much less a human being, who tries to play God. He usually wipes them off the earth’s surface once they start playing God.
I was like “OK, cool.
So this evil people usually rule for a long while, causing all manner of atrocities, killing children and whole families but they don’t usually get God’s wrath until after they’ve ruled for years. Not forgetting that God is omni-etc and can foretell who’ll do what, when and where. He could just as easily wipe them out before they wipe other people out. Why doesn’t he just do it? Oh, wait, he could but wouldn’t cos if he does then how would we know the extent of his power? Hmm. Where then is the love of God for the world?”

I didn’t ask them, I asked me. Then as I stepped out the car the driver asked the same question. The men were yet to respond as the car drove off.

Of life or Death

Naturally, life is preferred to death. No matter how slim the chances are. Let me site an example:

I remember the series WALKING DEAD, towards the end of Season One:
Folks running from zombies until they make their way into the CDC facility.
Nobody wants to get gnawed to death.
Doctor in the facility informs them of a much quicker, painless way to die; 6000 degree flame that ends it all in seconds. You’d think that is preferable to zombie teeth on your skin but no, they run from that too. They’d rather take their chances with zombies!  What the hell?!
Well yeah, that’s how humans are wired. Anyone who intentionally takes his own life along with the life of others in the absence of depression as a major cause is definitely out of sync with his natural side. It’s simply inhuman to to go through rigorous planning just to take the life of fellow humans who, on the other hand, are going about their day to day activities innocently. How does one go through with that? Definitely not with a clear head. Some sort of mind twisting ideology must have been forced deep in the normal human psych in order to achieve the ultimate subhuman. Most religions of this world teach hate for the other non adherent neighbouring. It is this ideology that the world should strive to kick against, that way it’d be a whole lot easier to tackle the victims and propagators.

Beggars or church

At a popular intersection the traffic light makes us wait a few minutes. More cars join in the wait as beggars seize the opportunity to occupy the space around each vehicle. The beggars are ignored but the kids selling lollipops, biscuits, and handkerchiefs make sales.

No one seems to want to part with their money. Letting the beggars continue in their plea. 

Engines rave and we are continuing our journey to our various churches where we shall part with all our money. And some more money.

Forty years of that!?

So the israelites walked through the desert for forty years and we’re unscathed. Interesting. Seeing that forty years is a major dot in any given generation. How nice was it to be that all those people: young, old, male and female went through hell, literally, under the scorching heat from the sun accompanied by brimstone-like temperatures of the sand underneath their feet (which were thankfully protected with sandals) were able to make it to the promised land. Pillar of fire by night was pretty cool too. But the sun could’ve just stood still again.

Aha! Cos they were God’s children.

I do think they would have thought it nicer if they made it in four days, don’t you think? You wouldn’t leave your kids out in the sun all day without poking through the window and yelling out “that’s enough!” would you? Ask one of those people journeying through the desert on their way to Europe. Ask how treacherous it’s been for them. Forty years or that!?

Pause, tap, ask.

A lot of people in this geod structure called earth do not ask questions. This is why we have blind followership in virtually every facet, be it social, political or cultural. Dancing to the same tune. People simply do as they see others do. They hence reason like everybody else not realizing the cage around them. So when a fellow questions a norm that fellow is sneered at. Even growled at. And if you’re in the Mid-East, stoned. I don’t mean high on Crack, I’m referring to pieces of rock hurled… OK, you get it.
This group of people have taken the saying that the world is a global village too literally. So they reason like villagers. Like nomads. Like N!xau in the movie God’s Must be Crazy. An empty Coke bottle of enlightenment should please drop on each of there heads. They need to wake up.

I got back from work early today and was singing ‘everybody wants to be a cat…’ as I pulled off my socks, the smell of which nearly knocked me over. But I digress. Remember that song though? From that cartoon, Aristocats! Yeah,  awesome cartoon. As I sang that song, with childish excitement I must add, I got to the part where I believe it was Marie, one of the kittens, the girl kitten, asked“Where what’s at? ”  Now this was when all the animals, including the adult cats and Marie’s siblings were singing and dancing to the tune.


She wanted to know so she paused, tapped her mama and asked. Why won’t people pause, tap someone and ask?

End of the world?

I have seen many weird things in my life. Very many. Far more than you will ever see, trust me.  But I’m yet to quench that thirst for weirdness. One thing I will really like to see is the rapture. Yup. I need to see people disappear or fly high into the clouds. I wanna take selfies with floating people in the background. I want to pull on legs to test the force; how the Principle of Floatation applies? I want a bunch of pictures of flying people. An epic wallpaper for my laptop. That was supposed to be today. Y’all really need to stop raising my hopes. Or do I wait till the end of today for the end of the world?

Let’s go a fishing!

The only slogan from the Redeemed Christian Church of God  that I always remember year in and out is ‘Let’s go a fishing‘. This was the slogan for one of their conventions that I think was held in the 90s. Why I remember it still eludes me. Probably cos I love fish. But you can see for yourself how the sheer number of fish increased since then. The G.O has been so successful in this fishing business that he has gathered over three million fishes in one net alone. Hell of a lot of fish if you ask me. This fish, if airborne, could block out the sun. How do I know this? Cos they block out the roads around the net,  that’s how.
I could, in the future, venture into this fish business. Imagine three million fish giving you their money! Forget being a shepherd, let’s fish!  Hallelujah brother!
Don’t be surprised if then I call out “hey, brethren! C’mon let’s go a fishing.”

Right! Right?

So God sees the end from the beginning, and the beginning from the end, right?
That means God knows of all that ever happened and all that will ever happen, right?
So then God knew that the tree of Good and Evil would eventually ruin the world he so painstakingly created, right?
But he still put the tree right smack in the middle of the garden, right?
And then he said to Adam to “eat not of the fruit of that tree”, right?
But he knew what would happen, right?
So Adam and Eve died because they disobeyed God, right?

The Europeans were a gullible lot

Everyone knows that Africans are a gullible lot. But I think these Africans are alot less gullible than the Europeans. Especially the Europeans from hundreds of years ago.
I believe this must have been the case coz, here, take Christianity for example, it did start in the middle-east some years after Jesus died, right? At that time Europe must’ve been an enlightened region on their different forms of paganism, right? So how it so happened that the Europeans accepted this way of life (and shelved theirs) so much as to travel across the globe to enforce its spread shows how much more gullibility they had. No African was recorded to have left the continent to preach the gospel overseas (yes, they did have boats for that). But crossing the oceans was too much a task that the gospel was not enough motivation for. Even now, the typical Blackman is avoiding troubled zones on their quest to ‘spread the gospel’. Take for example the Nigerian christians and Boko haram menace in the north east.
Europe, before the advent of Christianity had their own belief. So these Europeans suddenly believed that their saviour was Arab? How gullible. Constantine played a good one on them. They should’ve just left us out of it though.