Let one of us

So there’s been a lot of talk of how Trump represents plenty of what is wrong with the world. People who talk, either in public or private, of how they enjoy taking advantage of other people because of their colour, gender, race, financial and intellectual position, etc.
We forget that this category of people are us.
The world has only gotten worse with every president whether they were good or terrible.
Funny thing is, the only way Donald Trump is different from other politicians is in his trying to be real. Most other politicians are usually fake. It’s all pretend meekness. I don’t like politics. I don’t support Hilary or Trump. I think both are meat from the same pot. One’s just without seasoning.

But I digress.

We have a little bit of Trump in all of us which is why we are where we are.

About the accusations being put forward by several women against Trump, I have no take. He probably did, or didn’t.


Little ol’ impatience

I was listening to which way Nigeria by Sonny Okosun just now and thinking how relevant that song is to today’s Nigeria. I had to post it on my Facebook page to tell ‘What’s on my mind’. That song is from the 80s I believe.
So as I listened I thought to self “but this song long o”. It was a good 6 minutes and 42 seconds. Thinking this was when I realized that the impatience I had for a mere song is the same that breeds greed and selfishness in people. That ultimately destroys an entire nation.  That little ol’ impatience.

Africa: stupidest continent ever!

Sorry. I apologize if that was abit offensive. But here’s why I’m pissed (maybe not enough reason too, but).
Africa is a land of black people, at least this is how most people in the western world see africa, so it is usually surprising when world news is awashed with stories of tribal wars and the likes from africa. That’s my qualms. How can a bunch of people who look alike be hating on each other?? I mean, looking in from the outside world all one would see is very little difference between citizens of the different African countries. So why on earth are they killing each other? Why the hate, the jealousy, the xenophobia?
Asides all that too there is the annoying way in which its citizens, especially the youths, choose unavailable white collar jobs over profitable ecologically, socially, and mentally friendly jobs. What’s that about?

And the political elites, a bunch of callous, greedy and evil people. Ready to sell off their own for whatever profit.

When you envision an African, I’m guessing it is usually a strong, warrior-looking guy, right?. This is what the Europeans in the 1500s saw when they first landed in Africa; agile, brisk, and respectful set of beings. “These lot could do us good back in Europe” they must’ve said to themselves.
So off they went, right to the village chief’s hut, with gifts.

We bring greetings and gifts from our country and king. We the pale people have sailed very far over the seven seas bla bla bla…we would like to take a few of your men back with us as we find your kind to be very resourceful. We wish that your.. chiefness would grant us our wish.

There’s a long silence as the chief checks out his gifts…

Fack that! My people your people, take as many as you want, in fact, I will get you as many as you want, how many my people you want?

White man:
“Uhmm we desire about twenty of your kind if it is not too big a request, my cheifness”.

“What?! you need two hundred! I bring you plenty hundred people, just wait here.

White man:
But sir, we do not have enough room in our vessel for that large a number of people. It would be most inconvenient…

“No worry, my people strong! My people good at sleeping in tight spaces. My people very resourceful, stay in tight space long time with small food.”
calls out guards…

” jubulagabah shikolohs labaran maku!”

Guards nod and hurry off… Chief turns to visitors…
“They will bring plenty of my people.”

Oh, as you wish. We are most appreciative sir! How could we ever show you our deepest gratitude?”

“One more shiny object please. Oh, give me that one for I can see myself in it”

White man:
“The mirror sir?? Uhmm OK”

The chief calls out as the visitors leave with his village’s people “comeback again in nine moons, I will have plenty more strong people!”

“Bring me mirror!”

Living on autopilot mode?

It was a stressful day for me yesterday.  I had to do the tasks of three people, four, now that I think of it. To worsen the day for me in the end, I couldn’t get a cab. I tucked my gadgets in the innermost parts of my pants to forestall any recurrence of that night I lost Windy. So there I was, the events of the day all playing in my head. Then I got to my apartment.  but then   I didn’t realise I was there until I found myself fetching the keys from my pocket.  I just stood by the door, wondering if I was teleported there, trying to recall my walk up to that point, all to no avail. I realised that all that time I was walking my physical self was all there was. I didn’t remember the sidewalks or corners or groups of people I must’ve passed by. Did I say hello?
But then i remember letting myself in, taking a shower and dying in my sleep only to resurrect this morning.
Back in the university,  this one time I was driving to the campus from my off-campus lodge. That morning I only remembered parking the car too. The some ten-kilometer drive was less than a blur for I didn’t even recall shifting gears or steering the wheel. Not even peering through the windshield.  There have been times I autopiloted through my meal. Other times I find I haven’t been following a movie cos I was deep in thought, then I rewind to the part I remember seeing last, press play, watch on through only to realize I was actually following. And then I am almost certain there are some of you who have at one time or the other, while reading say, a novel, found that they were at page 13 but only remember being on page 9. How is it that one read through the pages without realising it?
Does anyone else experience this weird thing? Mine is pretty bad.
Y’all should be glad I’m no pilot though. But here I am just glad it happens only but once in a while. This autopilot thing is both cool and scary.

Pan African colours

After the African cup of nations i asked myself why there are few blue colours on most flags of African countries? But of course I couldn’t answer myself. To me, Blue is a pretty colour, my favourite colour.
I observed instead that the colour Yellow is very common, so is Green and Red. Funny enough, I have hated this combination of colours since childhood. No thanks to the way Cameroon have been using it on their jerseys. Or maybe its coz Cameroon kept whooping our butt at football, whichever. Glad that Nigeria didn’t make this year’s competition. But i digress.

I bumped into the term Pan-African colours and got a funny image of a map of Africa in a pan.
These colours refer to two different sets of three colours: green, yellow and red. All inspired by the Ethiopian flag.

Yes, all those countries thought, lets just use their colours.

Back in the day when Africa was hot cake (sort of like now again), Ethiopia and Liberia were the only African countries that retained their sovereignty as recognised independent countries, and Ethiopia was one of only four African members of the League of Nations. Ethiopia became a founding member of the United Nations. So when other African nations got their independence after the Second World War, many of them stole adopted the colours of Ethiopia’s flag as Addis Ababa, Ethiopia’s capital, became the location of several international organizations focused on Africa’s development.

Of the fifty-four African countries, i counted forty-one with the colour green on their flags, twenty-seven have yellow, thirty-nine have the colour red. Twenty-three flags have the colour blue, about twenty-six have the colour white and fifteen have the colour black.

Found out then again that these colours have meanings and significance: Green is the land. Yellow is the colour of the sun. (Although, we have learnt here that the sun isn’t infact yellow). Red is the blood spilled on their land in the slave-trade era. Black is the skin colour of the African. Blue is that of the sky.

With all the black smoke from decades of war, Red is still flowing today, black is not so black as most youths want to be white, green is still green and largely untapped. Yellow is still same (but, of course not…anyway).

I guess there’re fewer flags with blue on them because the sky isn’t so blue in a lot of those African countries. Oh let’s not forget the colour white that symbolizes peace. We need more white on those flags.

Where are we headed?

So its seems rather obvious that some people want anarchy in the world. It also seems these people are all too ready for the showdown.

They’ve armed thier police, militarized them actually. They’ve — and this is the scary part — provided the final resting place for the thousands that will fall. Remember these?

They’ve been called burial vaults by individuals debunking the claim that these are coffins for soon to fall victims of a man made disaster. But theories abound as to why these are being stored near a major transportation hub, Atlanta, USA. Even more sinister is the establishment of American concentration camps, some of which are currently functional.

Suddenly a big race issue springs up. The terrorists attack in one hand. Even the Idris Elba as James Bond issue is hot enough to drive some folks out onto the streets to riot. You don’t think so? Ok, how about the French government allowing that publishing company go ahead to print as many as five million copies when obviously, extreemists will be very pissed. They couldn’t stop three people from killing seventeen, how will they stop hundreds?

And in Nigeria, the government isn’t even acknowledging the sheer terror in the north east of that country. Deliberately upsetting its citizens. Syria, Yemen, etc. Have already fallen.

However, The Department of Homeland Security has purchased over 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition. Remember that at the height of combat operations in Iraq, the U.S. Army only used 5.5 million bullets a month. So why do they need that many bullets if it is not preparing for some form of mayhem? I’m pretty certain other countries have taken similar steps

Preparation for mayhem that would usher in martial law can be seen in numerous guises: the killing of black young men being one. The very bizzare way in which most governments run as if intentionally pissing their citizens off. Terrorism too, as well as false flag operations. Oh, and the planned the release of Hitler’s Book.

 There’s the FEMA program which is training pastors and other religious representatives to become secret police enforcers who teach their congregations to “obey the government” in preparation for the implementation of martial law.

We might have to brace ourselves. Or I might just be nuts.

Leave my oil underground?

If I had a beautiful garden and some community leaders come over and say to me
after your next harvest or the harvest after the next, you shouldn’t plant anymore vegetables in your garden.”
Firstly, I’d just stare at them for a while then blurt out %?!£¿!

If they then say
look, its for your good as well as ours. We’ve instructed same to some of the houses. In coming years there’s going to be a huge locust problem if we don’t adhere to this new rule.”

Well, then I’d just shrug and say “OK, i will, we don’t want no locust problems“.

But of course, if you can’t see me working my garden then in my garden I will be, working it, season after season. Who are you to tell me what to do with my land?

And that’s exactly what would happen when leading scientists, enviromentalists, OPEC and all the world’s leaders try to push the law that says oil producing nations should leave some large amount of their oil underground.

Vast amounts of oil in the Middle East, coal in the US, Australia and China and many other fossil fuel reserves will have to be left in the ground to prevent dangerous climate change, according to the first analysis to identify which existing reserves cannot be burned, the research said. Fossil fuels should remain unused if we are to keep within the 2C temperature limit.
As it stands, the world is heading for a catastrophic 5C of warming and the deadline to reach a global climate deal is at a UN summit holding in Paris way in December.

Lets see how that works out.