Ire ni o!

I’m lucky to be acquainted with alot of geniuses. This guy happens to be one of them, a musical genius. From South Africa to Liberia and back to Nigeria he has been dishing out beautiful pieces of music both as a music producer and an artist.


Checkout that smile… Hehehe!

His most recent release sung in English and the local Yoruba dialect is titled ire meaning Blessings and is such a beautifully delivered track that one cannot but move to it.

“I am a musician who is inspired by personal experiences. One of my experiences made me write this song.”

Please convert for us more of such experiences. Looks like them experiences will make good music. It did sound abit like gospel music, so when I asked, he said:

“It’s a song of assurance, of hope. Although the elements are there, It’s not a religious song at all”

Oh, OK. It’s all good. Still the kind to rock the club, the house and the church. Awesome!

To download the song click here or here

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With a ball-point Pen? No way!


Yes, a ball-point Pen! And not a Harry Potter type pen, just a regular pen!


Me oh my! It’s almost like he took a picture and added a blue filter.



Notice the details?


Obama looks better here.

This extraordinary talent, Oscar Okonu, has been drawing since he was the tiny age of nine, though he only started using the ballpoint pen in 2014. He makes it look easy, doesn’t he?



The twenty-three -year old chose the ballpoint pen for his works that turn out so darn photo realistic. This art form has obviously been around for a while but, this Oscar guy gives it another life!

“What inspired me mostly is because I have seen people do it. Artisans who don’t have professional tools, but when they look around them and see something they can use, something that is available for them, they turn it into greater works that people who have the professional tools will envy them,” Oscar Okonu

So this kid studies a picture of his subject for a long time before drawing them. And because he wants a strong connection to his work, he most times uses their photo as a wallpaper on his various mobile devices. Now that is passion.

“After getting the reference photo that I want to use, I study it for about two days. So when I’m studying it, if it is a musician, I have to listen to the music to get inspired and get connected.”

Whoa! The music too?!! I can never draw anything from music. I mean I can sing the song eventually, but I can’t draw shit.







It’s always painstaking work. Each piece requires anything from 20 to 150 hours to perfect.

The young Nigerian, Oscar Okonu plans to hold his first solo exhibition this year.

Wait, what?

I have to showcase my new talent too. Where’s my pen?!


I just need to use the right pen. That’s all I need.

Oh, and by the way, Oscar can draw you for a token. But if you want a free drawing, tell him I sent you. Then send me the token.

*goes in search of other pen*



Rivers born Merit Gogo-fyneface has released a second book, WHITE PLACES. The author, who hails from Emohua Local Government Area, was born in the early nineties and holds a first degree in Law from the Rivers State University of Science and Technology, Port Harcourt and currently practices law in Port Harcourt where she resides. The author had previously published a first work, Shores of Despair in 2012.


She describes her new book WHITE PLACES, which was released on 3rd November 2015, as a composite novel on the lives of characters in major cities in the Nigeria. She disclosed her inspiration for writing as one which is drawn from the need to create awareness and reveal certain ills our society would rather relegate yet which destroys the lives of many. On a general note, she believes when an individual picks up a literary work, he seeks entertainment but a good writer must maximize such opportunity while satisfying a quest for entertainment he must skillfully create awareness and impact morals which is the essence of literature.
“… when an individual picks up a literary work, he seeks entertainment but a good writer must maximize such opportunity while satisfying a quest for entertainment he must skillfully create awareness and impact morals.”
Merit Gogo-fyneface who is the third amongst her five siblings began writing at twelve and was further inspired by the works of Buchi Emecheta, Elechi Amadi and Chinua Achebe. She asserts that white places was written in a novel style which sets it apart from other literary works and sheds more light on albinism, lesbianism and the other side of ‘city life’.
She also enjoys singing and has tried her hands on fashion designing. Her book can be found on the amazon kindle store (Link( ). She runs a personal blog (Link( ) and can be reached via:

Instagram- @meritgogo
Twitter- @meritgogo

Short link to Order White Places on Amazon (


I have come across many great minds in my short life, this young man being one of my newest acquaintances. He’s much younger than i first imagined but then he has achieved more than i first imagined as well.

Let’s meet him shall we?

Hello bro, do tell us your name.

My name is very long and very Islamic in nature but i love it just the way it is, although i’m a born again Christian. To keep it short, you can call me Ajibola, Ajibola Amzat but my friends call me Aj or Jibbz 

Wow, that didn’t sound as islamic as i expected. And its the shortest long name i’ve seen too. Ok, you mind telling us how old you really are? No football age o.

Laughs. Well, my full name is Ajibola Mohammed Umarhabib-Amzat. Right now, I’m still 22 but that will change in a couple of months.

I must admit, its long and very Islamic, like you said.
I bet you’re unprepared for the next question. Are u gay?

Errrr… No! That’s such a random question! I like the ladies very much if not too much self. But I’m still very much single.

Yup, as random as it gets. i’m just trying to get GEJ off your back buddy.

Oh, now i get it, thanks! Laughs

So, Jibbz, what do you do?

Well since the job market in Nigeria isn’t encouraging, I had to create something for myself, hence the birth of PROJECT MODEL EXCEL. I like to think of myself as a social entrepreneur. I’m into PR, Brand Development, Event Consultancy and Talent Management but I’ve been dealing mostly with models these days.

Uhmm, how did you know its what you were meant to do?

Hmmm….. I guess you can say I have a passion for always wanting to bring out the best in people and everything i see! i want to watch someone grow to realize their dream and the joy it brings does it for me. I’m a sucker for success stories!

Wow, that’s a pretty good reason. Already i feel like i should be a model, something tells me you are the right guy.

Laughs. You could. i am.

Nice. Well, you must face some challenges, what are they?

Well right now, the economy isn’t encouraging so that would be my biggest challenge. Everyone seems to be broke! Its virtually impossible to start up a zero capital business in such harsh conditions but i’m putting the business model i’ve drawn-up for Project Model Excel to the test. So many companies in this country are not flourishing like they should so when a brand developer like myself comes in and says “you need to do “so so and so” to endear your customer and appeal to a new demography… They look at you and run feasibility studies and risk analysis and end up in the same spot for years, not really growing but hanging there to make ends meet.  
I also work with a lot of young talents who struggle to go through school because of lack of school fees and broken, poverty-stricken homes…. They all want to bring their talents to the lime light and become big stars but they lack the financial support they need. I normally consult them for free, link them up with bloggers and run free promo packages but that can only go so far, I wish i can do more but there’s only so much i can do with limited resources.
And no one wants to finance a start up business capitalizing on services and consultancy….

Hmmm, you must be strong-willed to do all these. Weldone.

Smiles. Thank you

You’re welcome. Is there anything other than what you do that you would rather do?  

This  would probably have to be my primary passion, investing in people’s lives and trying to make a difference really does it for me, it fills my heart with joy, and in life you need to do what makes you happy.  
Apart from that, my second passion would have to be marketing, as a brand developer you have to be able to market anything and for me it’s all about the packaging! 
I also have a passion for property investments  but by default I already co-own a real estate company so i’m gonna keep that cash cow under my belt till Project Model Excel can stand on it’s own.

Good idea. Name three people you admire.

The women in my life, I’m gonna count them as one because they are so much a like! My Grandma, my mom & my elder sister, Sarah! They are the strongest women I know! Strong, Beautiful, Smart, Resilient!
Second, I will say, Mr. Martin Efosa Johnson, he is the most hard working & business oriented designer that I know. I’ve learnt a lot from him and he has encouraged me through out this journey i’m on.
Third will be Uti Nwachukwu because he stepped into spin city and he knows how to play the game. He stepped on the scene as hunky Nigerian on BBA Africa and ever since then he has been reinventing himself as a Fashion Icon, a Model, a TV Presenter, an Actor and even Musician!

Uti the fashion icon, Martins the designer and the resilient women in your life, you sure have an eye for brilliance.

smiles. i guess i do

Does doing  what you do prevent you from being or doing something you really like?

No not at all….
Running PME isn’t all that stressful, its just that i have to attend to a lot of talents through my blogs and I try to dialogue with all of them via social media  platforms so that’s really engaging. But I have fun with it, my job takes me into the studio sometimes for recordings or to build portfolios and designer look books.  And it gets better, because I get a lot of event invites so it’s all fun for me! There’s never a dull moment!!!

There’s nothing better than having a hubby as a job. Might i ask, which is tougher, your job or having to be around all these girls?

Being around the girls would have to be the hardest part…but i cope with it, one has to be focused, you know? 

Yea, i know. i also know i love your job. Can I join in? What is your most annoying habit?
Laughs. You should run a PR campaign for PME, wait! That’s what you are doing now? Haha! 
But my most annoying habit is probably my cheesy and corny jokes which makes a lot of people wonder which planet I’m from? Lol!

You sound just like me. Sometimes i feel i..this isn’t about me. Back to you.
Have you ever seen a UFO or a ghost? 

OMG! I’m pretty sure I have, both a UFO and a ghost… But I can’t place it! Maybe it was a dream or but maybe it wasn’t?

Hmm, that explains it.


Who is your celebrity crush?
Eva Alordiah & Sheyi Shey! Those two should do a duet collabo or something…. I am very close to stalking both of them!

Hehe! Goodluck with that.
What are you really bad at?

Public speaking and lying… I’m a terrible liar!

We aren’t so alike then, i’m pretty good at cooking up lies.


You seem to laugh a lot. When was the last time you cried?

This last Saturday when a young man came into my office with his story. It didn’t hit me at first until later that evening after I recanted his predicament and started thinking about the struggles people go through in this country!

Rather sad …let’s get back to happy. So, are you in a relationship?

I’m happily single! I’m all about establishing my company. I don’t have time for any lovey 

i guess one of those girls haven’t found favour i thy sight yet.


What would you like to change in the industry you’re in in nigeria?

I think we should stop the politics and focus on helping each other. Every one is too busy trying to be the best and too busy trying to extort the other without trying to relatively add value to the society and economy.

Hmm, well said. Folks must be itching to know how they can contact you. How can we reach you?

Project Model & Excel is on major Social Media platforms:

Twitter: @Model_Excel
Instagram: @Model_Excel
Tumblr: projectmodelexcel
BB Pin: (available upon request)
Tel: 07054813477 & 08122564376


Jibbz, its been a pleasure having this chat with you, you’re indeed unique. Hope to see you travel the world soon.

It was a pleasure! Thank you for having me. And amen to that.

Your style is not complete till you meet this man.

i’d like to introduce to you guys out there, one of the most amazing fellows i’ve been opportuned to start teenage life with. His name, wait for it.
He’s an exceptionally creative young man. You need to see his creations. In some circles he is known as “Revamped”.
His real name, still wait a bit.

He left our shores for the UK some years ago and came back a completely transformed man, i guess that’s where the name originates.
Now he’s the CEO Justinklusiv Limited.
His company runs a male clothing line called “Revamped”. A Female clothing line called “Reshaped”. And a new wedding gallery called “WedinBelz”. All products are his designs and some items are handmade!

We got intouch recently and i just had to do this interview. By the way, he has lost a lot of hair since we last saw each other.

Meet,Martins Efosa Johnson.

What was your childhood like? Have u always had the fashion passion?

My people, i greet o. My childhood was good; in that I actually played and had genuine fun. I had a God-fearing and very family oriented childhood. In a very weird way. I love my own style and grew up wanting to follow that style. Just simple n classy.

How long have you been in the fashion industry?

Been 6 years and counting..

Has it always been rosy for you?

It was sweet the first 2weeks but after that was one up and down, roller coaster turbulence. Been bankrupted twice in the last 6 years too.

What inspires your designs?

Women around me inspired me initially. But it was further augmented by my personal style and pioneers in the fashion industry.

Who is/are your mentor(s)?

Alexander Amosu
My dad has always been my mentor, he has driven me to aim and make the sky my limit.

Do you have a store in the country or are your stocks shipped in?

Stocks are shipped in to ensure customers needs are met. Although, a store in the country is in the works.

Do you intend to venture into other sectors?

Yes. And I have already started. I started with women shoes, but I started to venture into clothing and men’s wear. I discovered a gap in the market for my sense of style.

Where do you see yourself in 5yrs?

As the pioneer of a household brand. A brand that does not discriminate or choose. A brand that serves the people, be it the wealthy or the ordinary man and woman. A brand that gives everyone the oppurtunity to express their style in a unique way.

For prospective customers, how can they get to experience your brand?

Simple, become a customer. the minute you make that decision to buy a shoe, a blazer or a dress from us, your experience begins. From the exceptional customer service to experiencing the actual product you purchased. We can be reached via Facebook: Reshaped N revamped, Twitter: @reshap3d, Skype: Martsa5, Mail:

Ok, let’s get abit intimate. What is your relationship status, “single and searching” as some would hope?

i’m involved o.

Aww, too bad for the ones who thought they had a chance.
How old are you?

i’m a young man, 30 years of age.

What would u like to tell those aspiring to be just like you?

I am just me to begin with. I don’t believe in arrogance. However, humility, hardwork and determination always pays off. So anyone who I am privileged to inspire should just keep that in mind. Always believe in your abilities, put the Almighty God first and work hard towards your goals. Such endurance and the Grace of God will ensure your dreams become a reality.

When you speak one on one with Martins, you’d notice there’s always a grin on his face asides his british accent. i’m certain you’d have that grin too when you experience what he’s got for you. You might just get Revamped or Reshaped.

with CEO XA international model

with CEO XA international model