He can turn your pee to sparks!

There are many, unfortunately little known, remarkable people amongst us. People who have taken upon themselves the quest to better our world. I stumbled on another last week while going through some comments of Facebook. I had to make contact and we subsequently arranged a meeting. 
A long read but worth every line.
Hello, Ejikeme. Tell us a little about you and how you got started as an inventor.

I was born and named Ejikeme Nwosu on 4th February, 1983 to my parents, Chief Christopher Nwosu and Mrs. Mary Nwosu. I was the seventh child of family of eight children. Right from my kindergarten days, I found it much easier to understand and learn things compared to my peers. Apart from that, I loved asking questions and always wanted to know how things happen. I remember vividly one night as I was trekking with my elder brother on the street of Awka, Anambra state, and there was darkness everywhere as the electricity supply was lost but I noticed that cars on the road still have their lights on. I asked him, ‘Obii, why is it that NEPA has taken our light without taking the ones used by the cars?’. I can’t remember his responses then but I am pretty sure that I wasn’t satisfied with whatever he told me. I was in kindergarten then. The questions remained in me until at a point I got to know that cars are not powered by the national electricity grid, since the electricity supply of cars are more reliable, we can duplicate such in our homes, estates etc.

I loved reading lives of great scientists and philosophers, in fact I so much admired the way they do things like being non materialistic and keeping beards. Laughs.

My secondary school Chemistry teacher, Mr. Umeh, was god-like in his ways of teaching us Chemistry. His inspiration was so much that I started conducting little experiments at home using equipments I fabricated.

As an undergraduate I joined American Chemical Society and received weekly publications of Chemical and Engineering News and other Chemistry Journals. Joining this Society made me understand that I need more than passing exams to become a great Scientist. This new way of thought made me to run independent researches and publish research works as an undergraduate.

I am no scientist but I can deduce that that was the longest ‘little about yourself’ ever.

You coined the name Gason, given to a different state of water you discovered. How has the acceptance been?

Yes, I coined the name GASON as a new state of water. I did series of studies to arrive at conviction that water vapour from hot water and ice are different. It sounds crazy, but my guts never failed me.. I had challenges getting the research article published, but I later published it in a Journal recommended by one of my Lecturers. I was eager to get the work published then, but now I realize that I have to do more works on the Theory and get the work published in a more influential Journal or at least attend high impact scientific conferences to discuss this theory. But I am sure that the world and entire scientific community will celebrate the work someday, of course after some initial ridicule.

What is the first thing a new inventor should consider? What are things an inventor should avoid?

I would love Inventors to think of the usefulness of what they want to invent. Inventors should focus on inventing what makes life better and earth safer.

Inventors should avoid plagiarism and give due recognitions to whoever is due.

How did you finance your business, and how have your finances changed as you’ve grown your business? 

Business financing hasn’t been easy, because I finance both the Research and Business aspect. Although we are working on bringing in partners. We need governments support especially in the areas of advocacy, our people need to be told that their wastes can be used to generate electricity for them and more. We did series of presentations with the federal government via the Ministries but no serious commitment so far has come from the FG. But we are re strategizing on way forward.

What secrets have you learned in terms of marketing your product and getting it into stores? 

Ok don’t answer that.

As a young man above 30 years, you mind giving me a rough amount of megawatts I have peed off in my lifetime? 


Going back to your business’s beginnings, what process did you follow to develop a prototype? 

We have been able to fabricate a pilot plant that converts urine into energy, the functioning is very okay. We are trying to secure some deals from different organizations to install these facilities for them.

And has the government been in any way involved in your work?

I don’t even know why I asked that question. 

What licensing deals are in place?

We have been able to secure an invention patent right for this technology.

What has been your greatest success so far?

I can say that the greatest success so far is the construction of a functional plant to uses this technology. We are just sowing now, I hope that we will reap bountifully soon.

…and your lowest point? 

Lowest point was when we were trying to secure a deal from a very big facility in the country, we were still doing checks to know what could be the cost of the project, someone asked that I should bribe him out rightly based on what he anticipated could br the project cost. I told I am no longer interested. Yes, we all need money but our love for excellence and patriotism must rise above our love for money.
I love that last line. You probably should have it as your company slogan. It would be the longest slogan ever but hey, you have a knack for long lines. 

Lastly, what advice would you offer other inventors developing products?

Keep doing the good work even if you are not paid, one day someone that knows your value will reward you.
I’m sure people out there would say the same to you sir: to keep doing the good work. The world would be a much easier place with people like you.

Get a Life!

Year: 2019

He was fed up with life. Had had it up to his jaws with life’s BS. He had a brilliant plan. “They all are gonna pay for making my life so much of a mess”. Puts on his favorite jeans, that beautiful shirt his mum sent him for Christmas, and a pair of sneakers his one hundredth ex girlfriend bought him. On he went. His stride as graceful as his hair. He brushed that all up to the side like he always does. That European look got him a lot of stares even from greyheaded women who thought he looked so boyish as to want to pinch his cheeks. He never really appreciated the stares. He simply thought he was different in a bad way and people noticed. He walked on. Destination, Golden Gate Bridge. His final destination. He was gonna hang from the side, give the world one last look. Put up a middle finger and then let go. Hoping to hear passersby and onlookers screaming. They would have a share in the middle finger too.
In 2015 it was recorded that 1,600 people jumped to their deaths from that bridge. That number’s been growing ever since. It’s second-most popular bridge for suicide in the world, after China’s Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge. He was going to be a number. A statistic. But at least he would be noticed first. “You can’t count what you don’t notice”.
All went according to plan. The bridge is two hundred and twenty feet high, that’s plenty time. He jumped.
Two hundred and twenty feet. “Fvck Valerie, she thought she was too good for me. Guess she’ll be seeing me in those sneakers after all. Middle finger to you. B¶¥¢¡!”

Two hundred feet. “that nosed Mr Bruce, the lecturer who picks on me like he picks his peas. I should’ve told him how stupid he looks in those glasses and that old suit. Middle finger to you, Mofo!”

One hundred and eighty feet. “Oh, and all those idiots on social media who think they’re so smart. Middle finger to all of yous!”

One hundred and… Boom! Face first in net! Ouch, WTF is this??!

Say hello to the Suicide Net. Thinking so much about your almost past life that you didn’t see the net down there eh? You haven’t been watching the news lately have you? You want to end it all just cause of what you think others think? What should you care what others think?
So there, the bridge just said, literally, get a life!

Li-Fi is here!

Heard about Li-Fi? Well, it does sound strikingly similar to Wi-Fi doesn’t it? That’s because it also has to do with data sharing and transfer and such. OK, before I go any further let me quickly join the trend. I’m a Li-Fi person now…that’s until I start to actually start to use it.


There we go!
Moving on…
There’s this really smart guy, a Professor, actually. Harald Haas He coined the term Li-Fi. That was way back in 2011. Can you believe that? I just heard about it days ago?? Anyway, the technology uses ordinary LED room lights to transmit data around the house. LED!! No modems no antennas. Just light. That’s just bright!

With this Li-Fi which uses multiple lights in a room, interference is a no no. Li-Fi enables devices to use their in-built stand by LED lights to transmit data. Lights! Oh me oh my!!

The wasteful UN

The UN general assembly is presently ongoing and you can bet your cheeks that there’s a lot of waste of resources going on too. From hotel accommodation to food and drinks, partying and sight seeing. About sight-seeing. These guys go on all-expense paid vacations year in and out. What haven’t they already seen? Not forgetting that services of local escorts would be required and well paid for. UN staff are known for spending money like it’s growing on the trees behind the United Nation HQ. It probably is. On more than one occasion I have observed their vehicles parked for long periods of time with the engine running while the drivers are roaming the aisles of supermarkets.


On this one occasion, the driver of the vehicle was parked in front of a Barber shop where I had just had a haircut  and feeling very impressed with what the Barber had done with my hair.

He did such a good job that I was gonna ask me out. 

Anyway, this guy got out the car and walked into the shop and waited for about fifteen minutes,  stepped out and on to the vehicle for another ten minutes,  then back into the shop for his hair to be cut. The cut took about thirty minutes. All that time the vehicle was running.

I know cos I was there… asking myself out.

This would be the fourth time I will be witnessing such. This international organization has over a thousand vehicles in Africa alone. If this happens with all the cars you’d think it’s all their fault we’re having global warming. And one wonders yet still why these monies aren’t channeled into productive use. You know like eradicating world hunger and alleviating poverty. At least trying to.
Seeing that this large vehicles consume more fuel than your average vehicle,  yeah,  the saved-up cash can go a long way. All that from just their cars. Wanna on allowances and stuff?
I would like to see a less wasteful UN.

A forest full of bodies for Science

If you were to go into the east Tennessee woods you’d find scattered all over the place dozens of corpses in various states of burial and decay. Never fear, you’ve arrived at The Body Farm. It’s nowhere near sinister. A certain Dr. Bill Bass, founded the Forensic Anthropology Center in Knoxville’s University of Tennessee in 1971.
The Body Farm is Bass’s open air lab, spread across an
hectare of secluded woods. The bodies are usually donated and sometimes folks are just plucked off the streets and killed.


Anyway, these bodies are laid out under varying conditions all through the year to help students and researchers study exactly how bodies decompose in almost any situation.
That there is weird. I wonder why they need to do all that. Well, if you ever get to enter this place do try to remember that you’re not in some horror movie, it’s all for science. Then you can tell me all about it.
This world we live in. Just when you think you’ve seen it all…

Pan African colours

After the African cup of nations i asked myself why there are few blue colours on most flags of African countries? But of course I couldn’t answer myself. To me, Blue is a pretty colour, my favourite colour.
I observed instead that the colour Yellow is very common, so is Green and Red. Funny enough, I have hated this combination of colours since childhood. No thanks to the way Cameroon have been using it on their jerseys. Or maybe its coz Cameroon kept whooping our butt at football, whichever. Glad that Nigeria didn’t make this year’s competition. But i digress.

I bumped into the term Pan-African colours and got a funny image of a map of Africa in a pan.
These colours refer to two different sets of three colours: green, yellow and red. All inspired by the Ethiopian flag.

Yes, all those countries thought, lets just use their colours.

Back in the day when Africa was hot cake (sort of like now again), Ethiopia and Liberia were the only African countries that retained their sovereignty as recognised independent countries, and Ethiopia was one of only four African members of the League of Nations. Ethiopia became a founding member of the United Nations. So when other African nations got their independence after the Second World War, many of them stole adopted the colours of Ethiopia’s flag as Addis Ababa, Ethiopia’s capital, became the location of several international organizations focused on Africa’s development.

Of the fifty-four African countries, i counted forty-one with the colour green on their flags, twenty-seven have yellow, thirty-nine have the colour red. Twenty-three flags have the colour blue, about twenty-six have the colour white and fifteen have the colour black.

Found out then again that these colours have meanings and significance: Green is the land. Yellow is the colour of the sun. (Although, we have learnt here that the sun isn’t infact yellow). Red is the blood spilled on their land in the slave-trade era. Black is the skin colour of the African. Blue is that of the sky.

With all the black smoke from decades of war, Red is still flowing today, black is not so black as most youths want to be white, green is still green and largely untapped. Yellow is still same (but, of course not…anyway).

I guess there’re fewer flags with blue on them because the sky isn’t so blue in a lot of those African countries. Oh let’s not forget the colour white that symbolizes peace. We need more white on those flags.

Diamonds? please!


DeBeers is known around the world for creating the finest diamond engagement rings, wedding rings for women, prepared or not, for the boxing ring. They are a cartel of companies that dominate the diamond mining and trading industry and must be the Company of choice this Valentine. That’s for wealthy folks now, not you. Sorry.
De Beers has a massive stock of rough diamonds. They systematically released enough diamonds for the demand, while continually adjusting the availability of rough diamonds. This caused escalating prices and increased the perception of rarity. So because of their advertising campaign, people the world over believe diamonds are the most valuable and rarest of the gems.

Funny thing though is that among gems, diamonds are actually the most common and are not rare at all. Gems like Rubies, emeralds, and sapphires are very rare and far more valuable and have always been the gems for engagement rings given to royalty, not diamonds. There’re little known gems that are more valuable even.

The value of gemstones depends on several factors; rarity, quality, setting, and of course, politics.

Let me list just a few.

Tanzanite Found only in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania may be mined out within 20-30 years.

 $600-$1,000 per carat

Taaffeite is available in range of hues ranging from nearly colorless to lavender, mauve and violet, it occurs in Sri Lanka and Tanzania. Only a handful of these precious stones have ever been found, making them a true collector’s gem.

 Value: $1500-$2500 per carat

Black Opal is also the most valuable gem of its kind. Most available Black Opal comes from the Lightning Ridge mine in New South Wales. It is the rarest type of Opal
Price: over $2300 per carat.

Benitoite. Found near the San Benito River in California. In addition to being the official state gem of California, Benitoite is a coveted collectors’ gem, and is also sold in jewelry, though rarely available in sizes of one carat or more.
Price: $3000-$4000 per carat.


So don’t kid yourself with a diamond ring, its all too common. Lets do something really special this Valentine. To set the pace, I will get my wife a Benitoite ring. In the next life.

Don’t beam just yet

I saw this line flash across my screen this morning:
Astronomers would like to beam the entire contents of Wikipedia into space in the hope of contacting aliens.

So obviously, a group of scientists have plans to somehow transfer the entire content of  Wikipedia onto a planet on which they believe exists extraterrestrial civilization. Lets hope they have WiFi. 

They want to send messages to hundreds of star systems and planets 20 light years away using radio telescopes.

OK, lets hope they have Radio telescope receiver..things.

While this seems like a brilliant idea to many people across the globe and a very bad idea to many others, I for one, think it is unacceptable. Why now? Why so soon? They can hang on for a bit, I’m not on Wikipedia yet! The aliens need to know about me. Assuming they don’t already. They need to know about Charly too; one of the very few weird fellows I know. They need to see his dogs. His crazy life.

David Black, the Institute astrophysicist said: “One question is if there are predators we might be drawing attention to ourselves. Another is if we go ahead, what message should be sent?”
Oh that’s where Cindy Knoke; comes in. She has amazing photos of what our world looks like up close. Birds, fish, landscape, you name it. What more could send a better message? Beautiful soul, that Cindy. 
And of course, some scientists fear a reply from ET might not turn out to be friendly but wait till they see posts from John. This warm-hearted yet hilarious guy will soften the hearts of the legions that plan an alien invasion.

They are very many other amazing people the aliens should be informed about. So until we all get a Wikipedia page, then, only then can they beam anything out there.

Ssshh! Your Samsung tv is listening

We’re gradually entering into that era. The robots are coming! lol

Samsung has warned customers about discussing personal information in front of their smart tv sets.

The warning applies to tv viewers who control their Samsung Smart tv using its voice activation feature. Such tv sets “listen” to some of what is said in front of them and may (which means Most Likely) share details they hear with Samsung or third parties, it said.
It emphasised that the voice recognition feature is activated using the tv’s remote control.
Samsung’s privacy policy explains that the tv set will be listening to people in the same room to try to spot when commands or queries are issued via the remote. It goes on to say: “If your spoken words include personal or other sensitive information, that information will be among the data captured and transmitted to a third party.”

So, a typical day with a visitor will go thus:

Welcome to my home, please don’t talk about your wife or mine *gestures at tv* how are the kids? Please, don’t answer that. Are you a beer drinking man? Oh, ignore that question. Please have a seat, i will be right back. Do not make any comments on whatever you see on the tv. *returns with drinks* Lets talk politics on the lawn, shall we?
Good going, Samsung!

Coober Pedy: Talk about ‘moving in’.

Coober Pedy is a town in northern South Australia, 846 kilometres north of Adelaide. It is an opal mining town located in that harsh Outback with a population of about three thousand. And because of the quantity of precious opals that are mined there the town is sometimes referred to as the “opal capital of the world“.

But there’s something more interesting about this place. Temperatures here reach 50 degrees Celsius(120 degrees) and this has made the region popular for haven driven a good number of the population underground into bunker-like residences called dugouts. The original miners in the mining town thought of a solution to coping with heat there: they started to make the underground more comfortable. They began using old opal mines or digging out new spaces for housing. It picked up from there and now they’ve got underground everything. Motels too.
Check that out!

Cool! no need for airconditioning. Little wonder moles and worms are naked. All to better enjoy the natural coolness. Probably why the Ostrich sticks its head underground too. I think. Anyway.

This really looks like an option from all the land issues world over. I’m starting to consider this.

Oh, by the way, The name “Coober Pedy” stems from the local Aboriginal term kupa-piti, which means “white man’s hole”.
Which does sound alot like butthole, but I’m sure they don’t mean that.