Slow Terror. Lazy victims

In ancient Rome there was a time when the people were often faced with pirates terrorizing trade places every now and then.

So Cicero was given the mandate to eradicate this menace. A responsibility that gave him alot of power.

I’m just wondering why all that was necessary given how slow those ships must have been with oars and masts. Heck, the Ships had  cruise speed probably about 5-6 knots and with 15-16 hours traveling they made the 100 nm a day (the all-time top was 130 for a week, only achieved a few times in times of Augustus).

Ships left Europe for Africa during the Bronze age, they didn’t get to Africa till the Iron age. Thats how slow the ships were. lol

How the hell didn’t the people see the pirates coming from a long way off with enough time to pack up and leave before anything remotely terrorising could happen?

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