Of battery powered devices and planes

First the United States (acting on intelligence gathered) have placed a restriction on devices bigger than a cellphone for wouldbe in-flight passengers. Now the United kingdom has followed suit. 

The snitch probably forwarded the memo to MI6. Or the guys in the UK just thought to copy the US. 

Whichever. ..

I wonder how much intelligence intelligence agencies have anyway. If you announce to me, days ahead, that the bomb I hid in my iPad or laptop won’t be allowed in the cabin with me, or my matyr friend, but will be stashed away in the hub, can’t I, a renowned terrorist bomb-maker guy, with tools in hand and being a graduate of time consciousness, make a one button pressed, bomb-signaling thing to activate my other devices in the hub?

How dare they belittle me? And why can’t I simply fly to a country not on that list to fly from?

Not me..I meant the renowned terrorists bomb-maker guy. 

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