Y’all have seen Malcolm X, right? Not to worry, this isn’t about racial inequality and such. Thing is, I’m only just seeing the movie Malcolm X. That 1992 film starring Denzel Washington, Angela Bassett, and directed by Spike Lee. That one.
I had to pause the movie to type this. You see, I’m at the party or club, or whatever this is scene where everyone is going crazy as they dance. If you haven’t seen it yet then picture a typical black American church here. Crazy! And then some; The women are swinging over the men, undergarments and all in the open, men are jumping on women, slides, cartwheels, faces were in contact with crotches, and some holy ghost type frenzy on display. All in the name of dance. Did they really dance like that? I mean the the folks of those times.
I was watching and all I could say, on many occasions, was “Whatda?!”

I have seen videos of this type of dance. But those were not as crazy.


That’s not superman and Dart Vader. Those black people in America were crazier than the black people in black Africa. I know that for certain. Heck, I am a black person in Africa.


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