I stumbled on this piece  by a friend, Henrietta Obinyan, and thought heck, a must share!
Henrietta has the best afro in Italy!
OK enough…
Read the piece.

The importance we place on time differs in different societies.
The picture always look like everyone is busy with their time, but busy is relative.
One’s concept of busy is different from another.
A dream reminded me of various encounters, mostly in Nigeria…
Time is useless in Nigeria.
Everyone may look busy, but more often than not, they are busy taking their time.
Lagos looks very busy…busy wasting your time.
No one expects anyone to be on time. Everyone excepts the other to respect their time.
A public transporter will tell a passenger “I’m not going to that place, it’s too far” but will wait an hour to get a different passenger going where he wanted.
Board a faulty taxi, other passengers will talk you into being patient with the driver.
In Nigeria, no one can rely on an arrangement without taking into consideration, time factor. But, hear…
Time is constant everywhere, people are the disruptive elements.
Managing time properly is wealth.
Then, health.

See, what did I tell you? Her afro is awesome!


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