Drake is a rapper?

That’s my first puzzle of 2017.
A whole lot of crazy stuff has happened since I was away but this Drake guy…

So I was listening to the radio… Oh by the way, i work at a radio station too. Anyway, it was a countdown and the hip-hop artist, Drake was on.

I’m still wondering how he’s a hip-hop artist.

Let’s move on.
So his hit track ‘One Dance‘ was on. I learnt it’s the best selling song of 2016.

Im also wondering how that is.

OK, let’s move on.
Wait, the song isn’t even danceable. He was singing on a dance beat, then going off beat, totally ruining the rhythm I was building up at instances. And that’s the best song of last year?

A friend of mine said to me how he thought mostly stupid songs made it to the Grammys. That’s not related to this at all. Or is it?

I would love to say a lot about how Drake is making me confused but Willie Nelson is on, so, on the road again.

Happy New Year! I’ve missed you guys so!


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