again and again!

I am reminded of this one time I was taking a stroll just as the sun was setting. OK I wasn’t strolling, I was starving and had to go buy what to eat. I get in front of this gas station and thud! the pavement hit my right big toe. I finished one round of cussing and thought to look back at the spot so I can ponder on how it happened. I shouldn’t have. Thud! the raised opening of the underground tank hit my right toe again.

What in Trump’s tupee is this about?!

So I had to massage the toe and take my time walking. I stepped in the mini mart at the station and as I move to open the refrigerator door. Thud! my right shin. I swear i could see the galaxy in all its shades.
Indeed life wasn’t being fair to me but I took it like a man with a single tear waiting for the slightest opportunity to slip through the eyelids.

But then some days after, I got my first ever nomination on WordPress from the ever cool O’Shine . And I was still busy stretching out and relishing that moment when I got another.


It was from Madhumita and
Rohit Srivastava
, the amazing blogger duo

I hadn’t let that sink in yet and was still thinking on how to respond when I got yet another!


This one by Confabler the amazing writer.

Yea, maybe it’s not much, but hey, its got me feeling like this…


Many thanks to these guys who thought I deserved them, it’s such a good feeling knowing you are there.

My toe still hurts though.


18 thoughts on “again and again!

  1. Congratulations on your awards! I hope your toe feels better soon. I gave you a shout out last night under my post titled, Here We Go. I really appreciate all of the support you have shown me.

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