Let one of us

So there’s been a lot of talk of how Trump represents plenty of what is wrong with the world. People who talk, either in public or private, of how they enjoy taking advantage of other people because of their colour, gender, race, financial and intellectual position, etc.
We forget that this category of people are us.
The world has only gotten worse with every president whether they were good or terrible.
Funny thing is, the only way Donald Trump is different from other politicians is in his trying to be real. Most other politicians are usually fake. It’s all pretend meekness. I don’t like politics. I don’t support Hilary or Trump. I think both are meat from the same pot. One’s just without seasoning.

But I digress.

We have a little bit of Trump in all of us which is why we are where we are.

About the accusations being put forward by several women against Trump, I have no take. He probably did, or didn’t.


5 thoughts on “Let one of us

  1. He’s a man – he probably did. Somehow, that’s less shocking than the overdone reaction: if a potential leader of the free world was a bit of a lech eleven or something years ago that makes him neither more nor less competent as a President. Hilary’s SO was a bit of a lech while he was in office, and history has not been kind to presidents in their reputations surrounding treatment of women.

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    • So true. What amazed me was how real, socioeconomic issues were ignored. How how involvement in the Benghazi emails wasn’t given so much focus.
      I think that women’s rights and freedom is a very important matter, but shouldn’t have taken so much time in presidential debates in a country like America where a host of other things are not right.


  2. I absolutely agree. Sometimes I think the women’s movement in US is far too powerful. I don’t defend the Trump behavior, but neither do I condone the unremitting stream of hate-speak that seems to dominate the media. And the media no longer just report the news – they also fabricate it.

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