I was nominated!

So about two weeks ago I was doing the usual stuff I do every day which involves writing, reading, laughing and breathing, for the most part.
Then O’Shine, the man with the most interesting personality over forty-five, pointed me to a nomination.

Me? Woo-hoo!

I’ve known this man, online, only a few years but that’s enough for him to become a part of me. I owe him more than he realizes. His witty, funny, no holds barred pieces have been a part of my everyday for so long.

If O’Shine thinks I deserved it then I really do. Y’all should thank him with me. :mrgreen:
He blogs here

Oh, by the way, irrespective of what he might eventually have you believe, he’s no womanizer.

PS: this should have come much earlier. I must’ve saved it as draft back then instead of posting immediately.



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