Kids should be kids!

In recent time I have been taken aback by the sheer number of kids who are dressed up in adult fashion and proudly displayed on social media. I tried as much to ignore them until I and the missus talked about some new sandals for our little man. Then she sent me this.


I probably was supposed to concentrate on the sandals but I couldn’t help but affirm that he wasn’t a midget posing as a little boy. What in Adele’s rosy cheeks is this?! Has he been working out too?

This is so wrong!

I was just thinking back when kids used to look like kids. You know, no tight fitting skirts or shorts, we had plastic sun glasses, flowery or net hats, lollipop or icecream in one hand. Today it’s four year old Rihanna and Justin Bieber lookalikes. What’s that all about?
Remember that we only wore a tux or suit at important occasions or church?

How about these kids be kids? How about that?


20 thoughts on “Kids should be kids!

  1. oooh yes it is the high time we let them be. let them enjoy being kiddo while it lasts. more so the thing about social media babies…the kid is months old and parents have instagram accounts to them and everyday they be posting “i just woke up, just had my shower, look who came to visit me blah blah” and am like the kiddo doesn’t know how to speak leave alone type, post or know what internet is. arrrgghh!

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    • It’s truly sad. Exposure to adult life at very tender ages robs them of the fun of toddlerhood, or babyhood. Or childhood.
      What’s even more sad is that parents now see it as a competition. So many more kids will go through it.

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  2. there seems to have been a reversal. Now fashion sense tends to recede with age – we have ultra-smart kids who become less mindful of fashion as they get older – until they reach my stage in life and no longer care what they wear – or don’t.

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  3. This is true, so true in fact that I feel like you took the words out of my mouth- except for Adele’s rosy cheeks 😁. You see kids on social media, with car keys and make up and piercings. To what end? I wonder if these things will count in the next ten years

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    • You don’t like Adele rosy cheeks? You rosy cheek hater! 😀

      Car keys, really?? Wow! That’s overboard the board that was overboard.
      I hope, much like you, that they don’t count in ten years.

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  4. Really thoughtful post! Enjoyed it all along and a burning topic!

    Hey nominated you for the blogger recognition award! Check our latest post. Didn’t post the url so that my comment not be considered spam! 🙂

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