Normal? No!

If I had a dollar everytime somebody says that I am not normal…

Somebody who thinks that hanging by the side of a moving vehicle while screaming locations and instructions is normal. Who thinks buying and selling on the pavement or even on the road itself is normal. That bribery is normal. That thanking a supreme being for your life and the demise of another is normal. Somebody who loves to dish out but refuses to accept criticism. Somebody who thinks another human being burned to death for stealing/armed robbery/witchcraft is normal. That standing behind a vehicle bellowing exhaust fumes is normal. Somebody who feels that oppressing the people around them and depriving them essentials is normal. Somebody who sees potential enemies everywhere that they must pray against.

No sir, I am very normal. Not just your kind of normal.


20 thoughts on “Normal? No!

  1. By whoes standards is normal … “normal”? I am deffinetly not normal … i am unique and the same as you at the same time. Live long and prosper my not normal friend.

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