If I were God

I’d like to be God for a while.

Yup. Rewind 13.5billion years.

I had just woke up from my nothing and nowhere and created the universe from absolutely that as well. But in my infinite wisdom I’d have the universe without all the other hundreds of billions of galaxies. Just one galaxy cos, hey, what’s the use, right? And in that line of thought I’d have no other planets, just stars for the night and dark matter (for the night too), and blackholes etc. I’d make earth the size of Jupiter, cos you know I know about population explosion and all that. I didn’t make spermatozoa in their millions per ball sac for nothing.

Then on the lonesome planet earth I’ll make sure every human comes in one colour, give ’em one tribe, one tongue. Because hey, I’m God and i know full well about racism and what would happen. I would not go ahead on the diversity plan that a random angle suggests.
And as for Adam and Eve, I’d leave them in peace and love. Cos of course I’ll have seen far into the future all of the evil that would happen because they had to leave the garden. So they’ll have Happy babies everywhere.
I wouldn’t bother with guys constructing the Tower of Babel. There’s no way they could get as high as the stratosphere let alone my heaven.

I won’t bother with making freewill. I’d, like a good God, step in every now and then to help put things in place. You know, it’s what fathers do.

I wouldn’t bother with the tree of good and evil for I know it’d only bring about evil.

If i were God I wouldn’t think casting the devil down to earth would be a good idea. Especially as I made the universe so large. Plus I made blackholes.


14 thoughts on “If I were God

  1. If God was to come to me …. and say … Luigi … I admire you and eould like your opinion … on man … as a whole … i will let you decide whether or not … man continues to live on this planet …. should he live … or not … your call! I eould answer … No. He is like a virus … how long has he been on the face of this wonderfull planet? .. and how does ot look like since he started messing with it?

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