Ire ni o!

I’m lucky to be acquainted with alot of geniuses. This guy happens to be one of them, a musical genius. From South Africa to Liberia and back to Nigeria he has been dishing out beautiful pieces of music both as a music producer and an artist.


Checkout that smile… Hehehe!

His most recent release sung in English and the local Yoruba dialect is titled ire meaning Blessings and is such a beautifully delivered track that one cannot but move to it.

“I am a musician who is inspired by personal experiences. One of my experiences made me write this song.”

Please convert for us more of such experiences. Looks like them experiences will make good music. It did sound abit like gospel music, so when I asked, he said:

“It’s a song of assurance, of hope. Although the elements are there, It’s not a religious song at all”

Oh, OK. It’s all good. Still the kind to rock the club, the house and the church. Awesome!

To download the song click here or here

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To connect with him on Twitter and Instagram, see the photo above.


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