flowery life


Got this photo from a friend who got it from a friend. Like her I think whoever had the time to do this has a beautiful soul. That person needs to be kidnapped and have their genes tapped for onward replication and distribution. Cloning should be made legal long enough to produce more of his or her kind.

That being said, I recall this tree from my childhood. I’m sure I’ve written about it before too.
Festac Town was lined with those trees when I grew up there. I still have no idea what the name is but in season we had the flowers all over the place; sidewalks, main roads, everywhere. Little children used them as part of the ingredients for ‘papa and mama’ soup, toppings on their cakes, and they served as brooches for their dresses and whatever they call it for their ears. Me and my peers just plucked the petals while we cooled off from murdering lizards, and the older teens added them to their love letters.

Before I knew the rose as a symbol of love I knew this flowery life.


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