Of movies and forests

When I first saw Lord of the Rings I thought “ooh, beautiful forests”. The mosses and ferns on tree branches, stems and logs. Fresh fungus on rocks and what not. Saw those on Legend of Seeker too. I always got that feeling of awe. The feeling that the world still had ‘untouched’ areas so life was still good. Untouched but for the cast and crew of movies that bring these places to the big screen. Shot on location in these natural habitats it’s impossible not to trample on something tranquil.

Is anybody talking about those?
I’m fully aware that some productions are usually done in front of green-screen and CGI is often used, but this doesn’t shield that particular ecosystem from human encroachment  especially with the volume of series being shot ever so frequently. Many being epics and will need ancient looking forests for a perfect shot.

We shouldn’t for the sake of entertainment ignore the effects of this development.


2 thoughts on “Of movies and forests

  1. I agree, but nature is, thankfully, very resilient and manages to survive these relatively minor incursions. Great swathes of ancient forest falling before the piratical intrusions of the developers, however – that is to be deplored. Our natural habitats are shrinking, and there is only ‘human advancement’ to blame for that.

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    • Well said Fredrick, I have considered the resilience of these forests and somehow felt it isn’t strong enough. It is miniscule compared to what agriculture and urbanization is doing, I guess it can handle it.


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