Cap’n America, which Lagos?

The movie is probably already old but hey, that’s when I get to see my movies, when everyone else already saw it and moved on. I heard there was a scene that was shot in Lagos, Nigeria. I doubt if I would’ve seen the movie otherwise. I found a bootlegged copy lying around and decided now is the time. I’m sacrificing my SonyMax time for this. Better be worth it. After the first few seconds of the Lagos scene I am now asking myself “which Lagos o?”. Except for the popular yellow vehicles used as commercial transportation there were no other similarities, or very little else that came close.

I’ll just watch some more and get back to you.

OK wait, the depiction of Lagos’ chaotic traffic is all wrong. The traffic in Lagos is indeed chaotic but in a more organized kinda way. A foreigner wouldn’t understand.

Let me watch this part…

Now I’m thinking wouldn’t it have been a lot cheaper and waaay more realistic to just have shot the part in Nigeria knowing full well that most Nigerians all over the globe would give an arm to see it?
The people didn’t even speak any naija language that I could understand in a typical Lagos setting. Oh, and get this, Nigerians don’t stand around when somebody lands from the sky, they waka, take off, dissappear, vamoos, Ben Johnson, run! Nobody stands around for anything, except a lynching. Anyone who’s somehow still on the scene would be on the ground, praying or screaming Jesus!
I like the Lagos state emblem on stands in front of that disease control building, cool concept. I doubt that we have that. If we don’t, we should.

OK finished.

But throughout the scene there was not one agbero, how’s that possible?! Forget the ever present and noisy bus conductors that were absent despite the many buses, an agbero, or a dozen agberos, would have continually harassed the super heros until they gave up some shandi (loose change…not too loose though, better be heavy).
Wait, that’s probably why the scene wasn’t shot in Lagos in the first place. I guess shooting it in Lagos-Atlanta, USA was wiser.


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