These ‘soccers’ are fakers!

Wait, I have written about this before here.
Surprisingly, it’s the same Real Madrid.

I have, for a long time, held the opinion that soccer matches are scripted. It’s always evident in the final bouts. I’m no soccer fan, I hardly follow the game, but whenever I do watch a particular match I realize that not only the general outcome but certain happenings like who gets a yellow, red, are predictable. Not always the correcr final scores cos if I could do that I would be winning at any sport betting game.

I was watching BBC the other day when the news broke that a star player limped out of the training pitch. I was like, “Yea right, this is a good way to get the people riled up indeed.” He got better of course. For the people to be riled up some more. I could be wrong but it always looks like a part in a movie or soap.
And that’s the set.


The Set

So when the room was packed full of friends and my chat buddies were either quiet or commenting on the game, I had to join in watching the game last night. I noticed how the guys around me complained about the slow pace of the game. I didn’t see how it was slow though. It looked pretty fast to me. I noticed how the game ended in a penalty (for maximum intrigue I’m guessing). How there were so many yellow cards (about eight of them),..
Eight! Was it Rugby!!?
.. was also a pointer to how action packed it was.

During the penalty the players all chose a particular convenient spot, the same spot, at the back of the net while the goal keeper always went the other way. I saw that. And also how the guy just before the star player (who was initially reported to be with injury) was in a bit of a hurry to shoot and, of course, missed.

That guy looked too old though. He looked like a coach.

Anyway, that was also the only time the keeper went in the same direction with the ball. So if it hadn’t hit the bar, the keeper would’ve caught it.


Then came the star player with his trademark stance. A ghen ghen moment. And wham! it came, a goal.


No one expected less. But no one thought “hey, wait a minute”.

Oh yeah, some really sexy muscle flexing for the ladies too.



Some script.


There was the Jason Statham type action.


The romance.


It was a family show too. There were toddlers all over the place.

Pics: Getty Images


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