On a tree?

I was walking along the other day and this young lady with headphones on walked right past me, singing “Me and you sitting on a tree.. K.I.S.S.I.N.G.”. Yemi Alade’s awesome track that brings back memories. When I should’ve been staring at her curves that she clearly was flaunting I found myself wondering how that girl could actually relate to that song as at her age, she probably couldn’t. 
Yea, this generation indeed love that song. I’m guessing it’s the beat, the melody. But I doubt seriously that they can relate with the lyrics. 
I’m not old enough but I grew up from a generation of boys who impressed girls by climbing high up in trees. The girl liked you if you could reach the thinnest branch and pose there. If you could get eggs from a bird’s nest up the tree. If you could move from one branch to the other without finding yourself on the ground, writhing in pain. 
We sat in trees, with girls, we talked about ladybirds, about Sherri Mango and Kerosene mango. About if to play ‘mummy and daddy’ in the evening or to play ‘catcher’. We made swings on trees and actually swung on them. We played football! Well, technically it can’t be called football because the boys abided by the rules but the girls, out of frustration, carried the ball with their hands to the opponent’s post, dropped it there in front of the goal, and attempted to kick it in the net from there. They still ended up missing.

But I digress…

We kissed in the trees. More like peck sha.. on the cheek. That is if you were extremely lucky. It was a once in a blue moon thing.

But all the kissing I see today are over iPads. 
Ask any girl today what will attract her to a boy. It would be his latest  array and sophistication of mobile devices, how accessible he is to a car, and the bulge of his wallet. Small girls o! When our girls their age liked you if you could kill lizard with a stone from fifty yards. Or if you could hold five-sound knockout ‘banger’ as it went off one by one. 
Pluck two mangoes, give her the ripest of the two and you have a babe in the making.

These ones? Mango? They prefer apple… and not the fruit sef.

How could they possibly understand kissing on a tree? They haven’t even touched a tree!


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