Where’s the love?

I was on my way to work on a Saturday and feeling totally pissed off about it. Saturday used to be all about Cadbury’s breakfast television, sleep, plantain and pap, sleep, wrestling, sleep, watching somebody else do your laundry, sleep, and some more sleep. Now Saturdays are workdays – Damn!
So anyway, on my way i was forced to listen to a conversation between two elderly men that spanned three different topics. The first was interesting and confusion laced all at once. It was about, basically, God. How God destroyed Hitler cos,  as they put it, he was trying to be like God. They mentioned a couple of other names from the Bible, names of characters who suffered the same fate as Hitler. In essence, what they were talking about was how God, being a jealous God, will not tolerate the existence of any being, much less a human being, who tries to play God. He usually wipes them off the earth’s surface once they start playing God.
I was like “OK, cool.
So this evil people usually rule for a long while, causing all manner of atrocities, killing children and whole families but they don’t usually get God’s wrath until after they’ve ruled for years. Not forgetting that God is omni-etc and can foretell who’ll do what, when and where. He could just as easily wipe them out before they wipe other people out. Why doesn’t he just do it? Oh, wait, he could but wouldn’t cos if he does then how would we know the extent of his power? Hmm. Where then is the love of God for the world?”

I didn’t ask them, I asked me. Then as I stepped out the car the driver asked the same question. The men were yet to respond as the car drove off.


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