The irony of mechanics

I’ve often wondered why the shops of electronics engineers are packed full of dead televisions and radios and fans, and CD players. Same way a mechanic’s garage is full of dead cars and parts.

You’d think people won’t take their stuff there for repairs as usually they just add to the other’s collection.
How else did they amass so much trash? They didn’t pick ’em from off the street!

Shouldn’t a good mechanic be characterized by an empty workshop or garage?  Shouldn’t all that you see be his tools? Wouldn’t that show how good he is at his job? Why then is it that a spot full of long dead air-conditioners show an air conditioning repair shop? Why does a pile of long dead TV sets signify a TV repair man’s workshop? It’s funny how we then listen to and accept his promise to have it fixed in “a couple of days to few weeks”… Like that wasn’t how the other pile appeared.


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