So i was contacted by a couple of guys with big dreams and I’d gladly introduce them to you. Aren’t we the waters that  dreams need to grow?

Are you looking for a job? Do you need more customers to grow your business? Do you have some unique skills or service to render but don’t know how to get customers? Have you ever wanted  a particular service done or  needed a particular product but don’t know where to get it or who can do it  around that area? The answer to that problem is
bamwase is an online directory and a social platform that links job seekeers to employers and businesses to their customers,
There are three categories of users on bamwase we have:

1. Job seeker
2. Business owner
3. Client

Job seeker is anyone looking for a job either it be part time,full time or freelance. Job seekers get to input necessary information into our database where employers and recruiters can search through and see candidates that fits their specification. As a job seeker you have the advantages of receiving daily alerts on jobs that fit your specifications, doing freelance and part time jobs subsequent to when you have a full time employment, network with employers and getting career advice from professionals.

Business owners this is anyone who is operating a business in Nigeria. As a business owner you get to input  the product/service you render,your specialization and industry.when a customers needs such products or services in that area he would see such business in our database and contact the owner thereby Bamwase helps you expand your market to reach new customers you originally would not have had access to. Customers can also post project for businesses to apply and they award the contracts to the best business. Advantages of registering as a business with Bamwase includes daily feeds on contracts that fit your specification, win contracts from individuals, companies and government agencies, get the right employees for your business, network with other business owners, customers and investors, meet future business partners, pitch your ideas to investors, ask questions and discuss problems with industry professionals

A client can be an individual, company or agency that either need employees or want to carry out a project and need the manpower or product a business can provide. As a client you have the option to either post a job or post a project together with the amount you are willing to pay for such services. After posting you would receive applications or proposals from both job seekers and business owners then you can choose the best candidate to give the job or award the contract, another option is searching through  our database for the best job seeker/business . is set to be  launched early next year, but right now we are building our database, registering on Bamwase is free from now to December 31st 2015, search results would be by earliest registration. Hurry now invite your friends and family to join the Bamwase family,t ell that friend or family member that is always asking you for money to register on Bamwase, tell that young boy/girl that is struggling to pay her school fees that he can do freelance on Bamwase, or that Runns girl you know that her excuse is there is no one to train her, with Bamwase unemployment is no longer an excuse you are broke only because you choose to be.

Bamwase: bringing opportunities to your doorstep

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