Of life or Death

Naturally, life is preferred to death. No matter how slim the chances are. Let me site an example:

I remember the series WALKING DEAD, towards the end of Season One:
Folks running from zombies until they make their way into the CDC facility.
Nobody wants to get gnawed to death.
Doctor in the facility informs them of a much quicker, painless way to die; 6000 degree flame that ends it all in seconds. You’d think that is preferable to zombie teeth on your skin but no, they run from that too. They’d rather take their chances with zombies!  What the hell?!
Well yeah, that’s how humans are wired. Anyone who intentionally takes his own life along with the life of others in the absence of depression as a major cause is definitely out of sync with his natural side. It’s simply inhuman to to go through rigorous planning just to take the life of fellow humans who, on the other hand, are going about their day to day activities innocently. How does one go through with that? Definitely not with a clear head. Some sort of mind twisting ideology must have been forced deep in the normal human psych in order to achieve the ultimate subhuman. Most religions of this world teach hate for the other non adherent neighbouring. It is this ideology that the world should strive to kick against, that way it’d be a whole lot easier to tackle the victims and propagators.


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