Forty years of that!?

So the israelites walked through the desert for forty years and we’re unscathed. Interesting. Seeing that forty years is a major dot in any given generation. How nice was it to be that all those people: young, old, male and female went through hell, literally, under the scorching heat from the sun accompanied by brimstone-like temperatures of the sand underneath their feet (which were thankfully protected with sandals) were able to make it to the promised land. Pillar of fire by night was pretty cool too. But the sun could’ve just stood still again.

Aha! Cos they were God’s children.

I do think they would have thought it nicer if they made it in four days, don’t you think? You wouldn’t leave your kids out in the sun all day without poking through the window and yelling out “that’s enough!” would you? Ask one of those people journeying through the desert on their way to Europe. Ask how treacherous it’s been for them. Forty years or that!?


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