Get a Life!

Year: 2019

He was fed up with life. Had had it up to his jaws with life’s BS. He had a brilliant plan. “They all are gonna pay for making my life so much of a mess”. Puts on his favorite jeans, that beautiful shirt his mum sent him for Christmas, and a pair of sneakers his one hundredth ex girlfriend bought him. On he went. His stride as graceful as his hair. He brushed that all up to the side like he always does. That European look got him a lot of stares even from greyheaded women who thought he looked so boyish as to want to pinch his cheeks. He never really appreciated the stares. He simply thought he was different in a bad way and people noticed. He walked on. Destination, Golden Gate Bridge. His final destination. He was gonna hang from the side, give the world one last look. Put up a middle finger and then let go. Hoping to hear passersby and onlookers screaming. They would have a share in the middle finger too.
In 2015 it was recorded that 1,600 people jumped to their deaths from that bridge. That number’s been growing ever since. It’s second-most popular bridge for suicide in the world, after China’s Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge. He was going to be a number. A statistic. But at least he would be noticed first. “You can’t count what you don’t notice”.
All went according to plan. The bridge is two hundred and twenty feet high, that’s plenty time. He jumped.
Two hundred and twenty feet. “Fvck Valerie, she thought she was too good for me. Guess she’ll be seeing me in those sneakers after all. Middle finger to you. B¶¥¢¡!”

Two hundred feet. “that nosed Mr Bruce, the lecturer who picks on me like he picks his peas. I should’ve told him how stupid he looks in those glasses and that old suit. Middle finger to you, Mofo!”

One hundred and eighty feet. “Oh, and all those idiots on social media who think they’re so smart. Middle finger to all of yous!”

One hundred and… Boom! Face first in net! Ouch, WTF is this??!

Say hello to the Suicide Net. Thinking so much about your almost past life that you didn’t see the net down there eh? You haven’t been watching the news lately have you? You want to end it all just cause of what you think others think? What should you care what others think?
So there, the bridge just said, literally, get a life!


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