Pause, tap, ask.

A lot of people in this geod structure called earth do not ask questions. This is why we have blind followership in virtually every facet, be it social, political or cultural. Dancing to the same tune. People simply do as they see others do. They hence reason like everybody else not realizing the cage around them. So when a fellow questions a norm that fellow is sneered at. Even growled at. And if you’re in the Mid-East, stoned. I don’t mean high on Crack, I’m referring to pieces of rock hurled… OK, you get it.
This group of people have taken the saying that the world is a global village too literally. So they reason like villagers. Like nomads. Like N!xau in the movie God’s Must be Crazy. An empty Coke bottle of enlightenment should please drop on each of there heads. They need to wake up.

I got back from work early today and was singing ‘everybody wants to be a cat…’ as I pulled off my socks, the smell of which nearly knocked me over. But I digress. Remember that song though? From that cartoon, Aristocats! Yeah,  awesome cartoon. As I sang that song, with childish excitement I must add, I got to the part where I believe it was Marie, one of the kittens, the girl kitten, asked“Where what’s at? ”  Now this was when all the animals, including the adult cats and Marie’s siblings were singing and dancing to the tune.


She wanted to know so she paused, tapped her mama and asked. Why won’t people pause, tap someone and ask?


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