Let’s go a fishing!

The only slogan from the Redeemed Christian Church of God  that I always remember year in and out is ‘Let’s go a fishing‘. This was the slogan for one of their conventions that I think was held in the 90s. Why I remember it still eludes me. Probably cos I love fish. But you can see for yourself how the sheer number of fish increased since then. The G.O has been so successful in this fishing business that he has gathered over three million fishes in one net alone. Hell of a lot of fish if you ask me. This fish, if airborne, could block out the sun. How do I know this? Cos they block out the roads around the net,  that’s how.
I could, in the future, venture into this fish business. Imagine three million fish giving you their money! Forget being a shepherd, let’s fish!  Hallelujah brother!
Don’t be surprised if then I call out “hey, brethren! C’mon let’s go a fishing.”


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