The wasteful UN

The UN general assembly is presently ongoing and you can bet your cheeks that there’s a lot of waste of resources going on too. From hotel accommodation to food and drinks, partying and sight seeing. About sight-seeing. These guys go on all-expense paid vacations year in and out. What haven’t they already seen? Not forgetting that services of local escorts would be required and well paid for. UN staff are known for spending money like it’s growing on the trees behind the United Nation HQ. It probably is. On more than one occasion I have observed their vehicles parked for long periods of time with the engine running while the drivers are roaming the aisles of supermarkets.


On this one occasion, the driver of the vehicle was parked in front of a Barber shop where I had just had a haircut  and feeling very impressed with what the Barber had done with my hair.

He did such a good job that I was gonna ask me out. 

Anyway, this guy got out the car and walked into the shop and waited for about fifteen minutes,  stepped out and on to the vehicle for another ten minutes,  then back into the shop for his hair to be cut. The cut took about thirty minutes. All that time the vehicle was running.

I know cos I was there… asking myself out.

This would be the fourth time I will be witnessing such. This international organization has over a thousand vehicles in Africa alone. If this happens with all the cars you’d think it’s all their fault we’re having global warming. And one wonders yet still why these monies aren’t channeled into productive use. You know like eradicating world hunger and alleviating poverty. At least trying to.
Seeing that this large vehicles consume more fuel than your average vehicle,  yeah,  the saved-up cash can go a long way. All that from just their cars. Wanna on allowances and stuff?
I would like to see a less wasteful UN.


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