We’ll never get out of this world alive

I’ve got people around me who think I’m too lazy. This notion stems from my attitude towards life. I’m never in a hurry. Never. Even when I probably should be. I don’t know how I got this way but I got it. “guy, you too butter”, “struggle like a man”, “you nor know say time nor dey?” are a few of what I have heard as friends and colleagues alike try to convince me to be up and doing. But me, I am like that seven year old dog who’s life has passed, it just lays all day but its food gets to it. 

That seemed like a very bad analogy

The thing is,  I don’t want to be a billionaire, I just want enough for me and mine;  enough to help others with, enough for a good life. I don’t even need to be a millionaire for those. I have observed though that I have reached, and in many cases, surpassed the level of some of these guys who tell me these things. And from the looks of things, I’m gonna end up rich. Weird huh?
Someone recently gave a nod my way with the words “… Slow but sure”. I could only smile. Why should I join the rat race?
I’m quite aware, and you should too, that we’ll never get out of this world alive.


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