Africa: stupidest continent ever!

Sorry. I apologize if that was abit offensive. But here’s why I’m pissed (maybe not enough reason too, but).
Africa is a land of black people, at least this is how most people in the western world see africa, so it is usually surprising when world news is awashed with stories of tribal wars and the likes from africa. That’s my qualms. How can a bunch of people who look alike be hating on each other?? I mean, looking in from the outside world all one would see is very little difference between citizens of the different African countries. So why on earth are they killing each other? Why the hate, the jealousy, the xenophobia?
Asides all that too there is the annoying way in which its citizens, especially the youths, choose unavailable white collar jobs over profitable ecologically, socially, and mentally friendly jobs. What’s that about?

And the political elites, a bunch of callous, greedy and evil people. Ready to sell off their own for whatever profit.

When you envision an African, I’m guessing it is usually a strong, warrior-looking guy, right?. This is what the Europeans in the 1500s saw when they first landed in Africa; agile, brisk, and respectful set of beings. “These lot could do us good back in Europe” they must’ve said to themselves.
So off they went, right to the village chief’s hut, with gifts.

We bring greetings and gifts from our country and king. We the pale people have sailed very far over the seven seas bla bla bla…we would like to take a few of your men back with us as we find your kind to be very resourceful. We wish that your.. chiefness would grant us our wish.

There’s a long silence as the chief checks out his gifts…

Fack that! My people your people, take as many as you want, in fact, I will get you as many as you want, how many my people you want?

White man:
“Uhmm we desire about twenty of your kind if it is not too big a request, my cheifness”.

“What?! you need two hundred! I bring you plenty hundred people, just wait here.

White man:
But sir, we do not have enough room in our vessel for that large a number of people. It would be most inconvenient…

“No worry, my people strong! My people good at sleeping in tight spaces. My people very resourceful, stay in tight space long time with small food.”
calls out guards…

” jubulagabah shikolohs labaran maku!”

Guards nod and hurry off… Chief turns to visitors…
“They will bring plenty of my people.”

Oh, as you wish. We are most appreciative sir! How could we ever show you our deepest gratitude?”

“One more shiny object please. Oh, give me that one for I can see myself in it”

White man:
“The mirror sir?? Uhmm OK”

The chief calls out as the visitors leave with his village’s people “comeback again in nine moons, I will have plenty more strong people!”

“Bring me mirror!”


5 thoughts on “Africa: stupidest continent ever!

  1. As much as I had a very interesting time reading this, I realize it is indeed true and you’re very right. Not too long ago, I was talking to some colleagues about how we’ve allowed ourselves to be brainwashed by everything western…in our thoughts, if it’s not western, it’s not good.
    I think we all need a mind shift, reorientation or something like that


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