My apology to the west

I probably didn’t realise how bad it was until I stumbled on some screenshots on a website. These shots were of people’s comments regarding Nigerians. They all were supposed to be commenting on the fuel scarcity that enveloped the nation but they couldn’t hide their disgust for Nigerians. Why? Well, many of them had fallen victims or know someone who has fallen victim of the numerous scam mails pouring into their cyberspace from the West African country. It was sad really. It still is.
To everyone out there who has been a victim of internet fraud, directly or otherwise. To the broken relationships, broken hearts, lost life’s savings. To those who have become a laughing stock in their community. To those who even contemplated suicide, please accept my deepest apology. A large number of stupid Nigerians doing stupid things have caused you great hurt but they will inevitably be made to pay. All of them. Do forgive us our errors. You see, the people in government made such a living hell for others and flaunted stolen wealth in their faces. This made many believe they too could get away with stealing. How stupid of them, not caring how the victim carried on with life. But I am sorry. Truly sorry.

This probably isn’t any responsibility of mine but I am a citizen of Nigeria, who the cap fits, eh?

Its independence day today in Nigeria. All things have become new. We now have a new leader. A no-BS President.


11 thoughts on “My apology to the west

  1. If it comes to it, every nation in the world has something to apologize for, and Nigerian email scams come pretty low on the list. They don’t stand up alongside the holocaust, for example, or the Indian Mutiny.
    And then, isn’t a lot of the blame apportioned to the ‘victims’ of those scams? Wasn’t it greed that made them suspend all good sense and reason and respond to the chance of making a quick million bucks? The biggest fools shout the loudest, but very often they should lay the blame on themselves.
    On the subject of collective responsibility, BTW, I come from the nation that spawned Tony Blair, but in no way do I feel I have to apologize for him. Eventually he has to meet his god, and he can do his own grovelling then.


    • You’re indeed right; about the role their greed play, and about the other ‘much bigger’ happenings. But you know that a lot of these victims will not agree with you sir. And about Tony Blair….hehehehee


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