On Left Behind

Just saw the movie Left Behind and i think it’s totally lost. If not that Nicholas Cage was looking much older I would have thought the movie was shot in the eighties. (And am I the only one who thinks it took a mighty long time for Nicholas Cage to start aging?)

First of all its supposed to be a movie about rapture, right, but did you notice that it ended up being one about trying to land a plane with little fuel away from an airport?
Then there’s the part where the pilot (Cage) stepped out his car and headed into the airport with this hot hostess. Only problem was he was just walking, no luggage. Now I haven’t been in many airports but I have seen pilots come and go and each time they have a bag rolling behind them. Cage didn’t have anything on him, he just walked (like a mafia guy) right into the airport.
And at that point the rapture took place while the big sister was hugging her little brother, that was terrible: first the little girl in the immediate background on the right of the screen was holding the stringed balloon but as she disappeared mum was holding it, her clothes and sandals were out of place for someone who zapped into thin air and leaving them behind.

Oh, and in the plane, the lady thought her daughter was successfully taken from her while she slept. How could that be when she must’ve been aware of several other kids missing in the same plane?

Then there was the time the pilot banged on the cockpit door yelling “let me in”, when he should’ve just punched in his code and let himself in.
And I was rather surprised that the characters feigned ignorance of the bible. Nobody attended Sunday school or mass or listened to even one Jehovah’s Witness?
And i did notice that the plane used in the earlier part of the film was different from the plane that crashed, Did you? That should have been where Jesus would appear in the sky with his guys but nope, that didn’t happen. And before then, just before the collision, something totally weird happened. I remember seeing a documentery about the new air safety equipment that planes now carry. Systems that warn and direct each plane on descent or ascent in the event that two planes are nearing collision. Was Cage in a forties plane? Cos he just kept calling out to the other plane.

By the way, was I the only one who noticed that too many people went to heaven? C’mon, the world is way too insane to have some of those characters disappear. And the kids, How come all the kids dissappeared? Like all kids will make heaven? Really? Well, I seriously doubt that. Kids today with all the violent video games, the kissing games, the lies, the porn, how could all that not ruin their chances of going to heaven? Kids today are not that innocent. You might want to make yourself think otherwise but if you ask me, kids of today, most of them, will definitely be left behind.


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