Ron Kennoly pissed me off today

I was at a friend’s office earlier today and I caught him singing and dancing to a Ron Kennoly collection.
I’m not a fan of gospel music but I grew up listening to Ron Kennoly the same way I listened to Paul Simon, Shaba Ranks, Linda Ronstadt, etc. So I sang along.
It was the “he turned my mourning into dancing again he lifted my sorrow” song oh how I love that song.
And if you’re familiar with that song then you must also love that part that goes “oh ooh oh!
Yea, you do, don’t you?
Well, we were both loving and singing along to the song when we went “oh ooh oh!” At the same time. Only problem was that it was the wrong time. Twice, we got it wrong. And as we were squeezing our faces and saying “darn it“, it came.
oh ooh oh!” Shouted Ron and his choir.

I’m still pissed off.


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