My Head’s abit too big!

I’m a t-shirt kinda guy. I don’t know where I picked it up, maybe from the rapper Ice Cube, or maybe from dad as he loves t-shirts too. But these I also find hard to wear. You see, t-shirts are made to fit the base of one’s neck, and therein lies the problem. They obviously didn’t give much thought as to how it would get there. Yea, OK, abit of elasticity along the rim does it for many. But what about me? For every time I put on a t-shirt I will have to start planning to get a new one. You still wonder why? My head just does a good job of stretching the rim beyond its elastic limit, that’s why. I have several t-shirts with neckline that have reached breaking point more than once.
I had this cool superman t-shirt that now looks like Hulk once tried to wear it.
Does anyone know of anything that can be done to reduce the size of one’s head? Asides fastening a belt around it and pulling tight. That only gave me a headache.


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