Living on autopilot mode?

It was a stressful day for me yesterday.  I had to do the tasks of three people, four, now that I think of it. To worsen the day for me in the end, I couldn’t get a cab. I tucked my gadgets in the innermost parts of my pants to forestall any recurrence of that night I lost Windy. So there I was, the events of the day all playing in my head. Then I got to my apartment.  but then   I didn’t realise I was there until I found myself fetching the keys from my pocket.  I just stood by the door, wondering if I was teleported there, trying to recall my walk up to that point, all to no avail. I realised that all that time I was walking my physical self was all there was. I didn’t remember the sidewalks or corners or groups of people I must’ve passed by. Did I say hello?
But then i remember letting myself in, taking a shower and dying in my sleep only to resurrect this morning.
Back in the university,  this one time I was driving to the campus from my off-campus lodge. That morning I only remembered parking the car too. The some ten-kilometer drive was less than a blur for I didn’t even recall shifting gears or steering the wheel. Not even peering through the windshield.  There have been times I autopiloted through my meal. Other times I find I haven’t been following a movie cos I was deep in thought, then I rewind to the part I remember seeing last, press play, watch on through only to realize I was actually following. And then I am almost certain there are some of you who have at one time or the other, while reading say, a novel, found that they were at page 13 but only remember being on page 9. How is it that one read through the pages without realising it?
Does anyone else experience this weird thing? Mine is pretty bad.
Y’all should be glad I’m no pilot though. But here I am just glad it happens only but once in a while. This autopilot thing is both cool and scary.


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