The Hollow Earth Theory

As kids there were times when our childish brains were stuffed with talk of a world underneath our own. Then people said that if you dug a well deep enough you could fall into another world right under our feet. There were stories of people who heard stories of people who heard that someone once, while in a cave or well, heard sounds of people going about their business far under. So yea, the Hollow Earth Theory has been around for a long time. While the first concepts were rather crude, this completely crazy idea has gradually developed into a viable alternative to the solid Earth model. In light from today’s technology, many findings point towards a hollow structure as the only method to explain many of today’s scientific discoveries.
There are actually four main hollow Earth models.
1, The Concentric Spheres Hollow Earth Model
2. The Polar Holes Hollow Earth Model
3. The Inverted Earth Hollow Earth Model
4,The Complete Shell Hollow Earth Model

Ok, it’s beginning to look like I believe in this garbage, right? But let’s move on.

The most famous hollow Earth model is the Polar Holes Hollow Earth Theory. This theory says huge polar holes between 2000 and 4000 kilometers across open to the interior of the planet. Nothing has ever been found. Satellite technology has so far proven that such holes are non existent.
In this theory, though, the centre of the planet harbours a central sun that provides light and heat to the world within. Yea, you were probably gonna ask about a light source. (Modern science has already determined that the Earth’s core could be just as hot as the Sun’s surface).


Then there’s the Complete-Shell Hollow Earth Theory. Based on a combination of the hollow Earth and expanding
Earth theories, it provides an alternate explanation for the drifting continents phenomenon thus making the tired Plate Tectonics theory obsolete.
Based on our current understanding of gravity The Land of No Horizon shows how the accumulation of matter during the planet forming process naturally produces a planet structured differently to what is currently theorized. It is also shown how a planet hollows out and expands under its own gravitational power. The hollow planet structure can explain many mysteries that have plagued us for centuries such as:
-unusual Impact crater characteristics on terrestrial planets
-the mysterious Red Spot on Jupiter
– seismic wave data from earthquakes here on Earth.


It’s really looking like b?¿*¡:¡t now isn’t it? You will be surprised how many people in the science world take this to be viable although the scientific community as a body has long dismissed the notion, since the later part of the 18th century actually. But then a number of physicists, astronomers, mathematicians and even high ranking military personnel seem to accept the theory as fact. These people share their stories through experience, research and maybe sheer conspiracy buff-iness. There is a huge cache of mind blowing information that suggests the Earth could actually be hollow.
One Admiral Richard Byrd, the very first man to fly over the South Pole, even claimed to have been in and out of this underground world. He was a very high ranking (one of the highest) officer in the United States Navy.

According to the ancient astronaut writer Peter Kolosimo a robot was seen entering a subterranean below a monastery in Mongolia. Kolosimo also claimed a light was seen from underground in Azerbaijan. I too have seen a cigarette-shaped capsule enter into the earth from the sky, not in Azerbaijan, on YouTube.

The concept of a hollow Earth recurs many times in folklore like I stated earlier and as the premise for subterranean fiction, a
subgenre of adventure fiction. Movies like Journey to the Center of the Earth, Chronicles of the Hollow Earth, Journey to the Hollow Earth, etc. You might want to read The Phantom of the Poles by William Reed.

Oh yeah, ever heard of Agartha? A legendary city said to be located in the Earth’s core. This supposedly fictional place is referred to in many films, video games, literature and even music.

Yes, it’s all just a nonsensical theory. But now I wonder why planes aren’t allowed to fly directly over the north pole.
By the way, spiritualist writer Walburga, Lady Paget in her book Colloquies with an unseen friend mentioned the hollow earth theory. She claimed that cities exist beneath a desert, which is where the people of Atlantis moved. She said an entrance to the subterranean kingdom will be discovered in the 21st century. I patiently wait.

Asides the North and South poles, entrances in locations which have been cited include: Paris, England, Montreal, Hangchow in China, and the Amazon Rainforest. There is also a tale about a tunnel in the San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation, Arizona, near Cedar Creek which is said to lead inside the earth to a land inhabited by a mysterious tribe. It is also the belief of the tribes of Iroquois that their ancient ancestors emerged from a w world inside the earth. The elders of the Hopi people believe that a Sipapu entrance in the Grand Canyon exists which leads to the underworld.
Sadly enough, there’s none in Africa, fack!

Edmund Halley, an English astronomer and mathematician who was the first to calculate the orbit of a comet that was later named after him, proposed that the Earth was hollow and well capable of supporting life.

I’m probably beginning to believe it. You know, we often fail to recognize that what we so often regard as truth is based on theory and assumption. We take these theories and put them in the category of fact until another theory comes along to replace
it. Pluto not being a planet, for instance.


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