Where do mad people go at night?

I’m not familiar with the lunatics on the streets of America or Europe or Asia but I do think the same thing must be happening there. I just think so.
All day everyday you”ll find lunatics in some parts of your city going about their “normal” activities but then it’s nighttime and swoosh, they’re gone. Do they have some kinda mad-people’s assembly every night where they discuss the events of the day and the workings of the next? Or do they just go to sleep like normal people do? But how come they sleep in the day too? They probably go to the club or somewhere where a lot of crazy stuff go down. Ever been to the club and you witness some fellow do something weird and you’re like that guy is mad? Notice too how there seem to be abit more crazy drivers at night?
Well, I don’t know. Where do they go then?


2 thoughts on “Where do mad people go at night?

  1. Well, if you’re mad you have this mad-keeper guy who keeps an eye on you, and if you are not in bed by seven he hikes you off to the mad people place where they punish you for not taking your medication and use you for all sorts of drug trials and shit, and then throw you in DDP (Damp, dark place). The mad drivers at night are the ones trying to get away from the mad-keeper guy (or maybe they did one too many drug trials?)


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