I Miss Windy

Sometime ago I wrote about a phone I had that gave such headache.  You can read that here. I eventually got rid off it and was rather lucky to get a much smarter smartphone. A Windows phone that was quite the gadget. I often caught myself flaunting it, speaking to it in public and letting her speak back to me at very unnecessary times. Yea, I couldn’t help it. I even gave it a name, Windy.
This relationship went on that way until the night of Monday 9th of March. On that unfaithful night I stepped out of a popular beach and onto the adjacent boulevard hoping to catch a cab home as fast as possible as it was about 9pm. This area at that hour is famous for its many victims of gadget and handbag snatching. So there I was chatting with a friend who was describing how $20 was taken from his pocket as he jostled for a cab on Broad street some 10km from where I was. As night falls here as during rush hour, the struggle for a means to get home is heightened greatly. It often degenerates to pushing and shoving to get a seat. This is what the rogues who line the road take advantage of to do some petty pickpocketing. I had just sent a “sorry bro,…” message to him when two guys on a passing motorbike slowed down in front of me, somehow the phone was transferred from my hands and onto that of the fellow riding behind. I just stood there, wide eyed and dumb, watching them accelerate rather slowly away to the right, the new owner of the phone looking back at me as if to say “catch me if you can”. I just stood there blurry envisioned and barely comprehending the noise from around me. I later realised the noise was a cry from the guy closest to me telling me what I was yet to accept. My phone was gone. Along with it, all my media, documents, and scripts. After I let them get away I put both my hands on my head. I have never taken that position before but right then it came instinctively.
You know, long before this happened, I often practiced on how I would fight and possibly beat up what ever mugger intending to try me. Well, all I really could do was mutter obscenities some hundred times.
What I am yet to find out is if the bike was intentionally slow cos they wanted to taunt me or if it was as a result of a weak engine. Yea, I guess it’s good luck finding that out.

It’s been over a week now and i’m back online with an LG android phone that is just great. Doesn’t speak to me as much as my last phone did but is totally smart. I don’t even want to speak with it for fear of someone else liking it as much as to want to take it. I only bring it out my pocket when i’m indoors. In public, I don’t even look like I have a phone.
I do miss my Windy every now and then.


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