The Europeans were a gullible lot

Everyone knows that Africans are a gullible lot. But I think these Africans are alot less gullible than the Europeans. Especially the Europeans from hundreds of years ago.
I believe this must have been the case coz, here, take Christianity for example, it did start in the middle-east some years after Jesus died, right? At that time Europe must’ve been an enlightened region on their different forms of paganism, right? So how it so happened that the Europeans accepted this way of life (and shelved theirs) so much as to travel across the globe to enforce its spread shows how much more gullibility they had. No African was recorded to have left the continent to preach the gospel overseas (yes, they did have boats for that). But crossing the oceans was too much a task that the gospel was not enough motivation for. Even now, the typical Blackman is avoiding troubled zones on their quest to ‘spread the gospel’. Take for example the Nigerian christians and Boko haram menace in the north east.
Europe, before the advent of Christianity had their own belief. So these Europeans suddenly believed that their saviour was Arab? How gullible. Constantine played a good one on them. They should’ve just left us out of it though.


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