Write my name in the Book of Life, again.

What exactly happens in heaven when one becomes born again? They get to have their name in the Book of Life, right? And when they backslide?
Well, we have been told many times at Sunday school since childhood that we should strive to make sure that our names are written in the Book of Life. So this we tried to do, we made sure that we remained in God’s ‘good books’, so to speak. We were indeed more scared of hell then than we are now.
What i’m driving at though is that there are very many people, including myself, who, since childhood, have repented from our sins like a gazzilion times. So I was just wondering, how many times has my name been rubbed off that page in the book of life. And that thought provoked a deeper thought; the use of an eraser. God is thought and taught to be all knowing, this means he shouldn’t need an eraser, he must be able to tell when we repent from backsliding for real and not bother wasting ink and stuff. Otherwise a whole lot of paper must be in the trash up in heaven.
Is this the case?
So when i resurrender my life to Christ its like saying “Write my name in the Book of Life, again“?


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