Origin of the Middle finger

I have never really given a thought to when and where the f-you sign began.
The earliest time I saw it was in an 80s movie. So it was probably in the 80s that this annoying hand sign was invented. But recently, I was seeing the movie ‘Big Eyes‘ and there was a glimpse of a guy (an art gallery owner or attendant) flash the middle finger as he stood on a side street watching the success of his competition.

I was like wait a minute coz Big Eyes is a movie depicting events from the 50s and 60s.

So I looked it up and realised the gesture dates back to Ancient Greece and was also used in Ancient Rome! You know what this means? The Pharisees must’ve given Jesus…Oh and King Herod must’ve given Moses the…Wow!

The middle finger gesture was used in Ancient times as a symbol of sexual intercourse, in a manner meant to degrade, intimidate and threaten the individual receiving the gesture. It also represented the phallus, with the fingers next to the middle finger representing testicles.

In the Medieval era, the finger is similar to a gesture made by knights in the Middle Ages, in which they raised their lances upright towards each other. So that actually meant something? And here i was thinking they were only resting their arms. Damn!

Source: Wiki


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