Hollywood lies

I don’t see alot of movies anymore. There was a time I lived for movies, and indeed lived the movies. In recent years though I have noticed certain irregularities and exaggerations in many Hollywood releases.

1. You can’t hear a chopper till its already in front or overhead of you. You also don’t hear a car coming till it bursts through a wall just before the bad guys do some bad things.

2. You can’t handle a knife or sword without making a shing sound.

3. Punches and kicks can be heard 50feet away.

4. A simple touch of a piece of paper can make a loud, rumpling sound.

5. A quick turn and your clothes could sound like a flag in the wind.

6. All the cars screech even while moving slowly.

7. Computer programmes make robotic noises.

8. The music starts to play thesame second a disc is slotted in.

Obviously, some of these are simply effects added to make certain scenes more gehn gehn-isque but when i use my common sense i realise that some of these scenes are outright unreal. I guess I shouldn’t use my common sense.


2 thoughts on “Hollywood lies

  1. “punches and kicks can be heard 50ft away…” that´s a good one. Plus they do sound kind of weird, if they punch me and I hear that I´d probably just stop out of amusement rather than fear.


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