How about..?

So I’ve been following all the science of space, all the seeking, the probing, the quest for knowledge of how the universe began, how the solar system, the earth, and we, living things got here. Its all very good. Knowledge is good. The quest for it is also good. But where its totally wrong is when a whole lot of resources; money that could help economies, provide for poor people, is spent on sending space probes to Mars and Comets and Asteroids only to get pictures sent back. What is that about? And now, every country wants to be a part in the name of national pride? How does a rural farmer care about Mars? How does a hungry, jobless, frustrated youth care if Pluto isn’t a real planet no more? Or if a certain Duck-shaped comet has water on it. You know, they didn’t find much on the duck, just a change in theory. So all that billions of dollars was basically for ‘oh, there’s nothing here let’s look over there‘.
How do we care about all that when our immediate environment is in a mess? Its almost like ignoring your ramshackle home that needs a makeover, your family in need of basic necessities and then spending your salary on a Motor show just to go see the cars.
That was probably a terrible example but..

It costs billions of Dollars to send these probes and monitor them in space. Couldn’t these billions be used in infrastructure development, sanitation and all that especially for war torn countries? Do we really need to know what’s going on in space? If we find that there’s life in space then what happens? The government will simply pump more money into more probes and communication and travel, totally ignoring life down here.

How about using this money to once and for all stop world hunger? How about providing clean water, education, security, How about that? Planting trees and conserving our environment is a much better idea if you ask me. How about we invest more on clean energy?

I might seem like a guy from the past but heck, the past was better.

The earth needs love too. Its probably in the spirit of Valentine. Show some love y’all!


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